Your Favorite Song is Rewiring Your Brain: Here’s How Music Is Changing You

Listening to music makes us feel happier. It’s not only a Universal language, but a spiritual one too. We can feel it in our inner self without even being aware of the science behind it. The moment we play a certain song on our smart phone, a smile appears across our faces. But even if we obviously feel mesmerized, we may still not be aware that the music has the same effect over us just as a session of meditation or like adaptogens herbs.

Adaptogens are herbs that are able to reorganize cells in our body – they adjust to our greatest needs – whether it is reduction of stress or improving the function of our immune system. It looks like music is capable of doing the same thing.

Music originates from Paleolithic days, and it was invented for human pleasure. However, the music of the Universe, also known as “music of the spheres”, is probably as old as the Universe itself. It is believed that every single planet vibrates a unique melody. NASA, for instance, has managed to record the “melody” of the Earth.

In addition, ancient Greeks and Egyptians realized that music has certain therapeutic benefits. It is known that early Chinese, Persians, Tibetan and Hindu were all familiar with certain melodies which were able to provoke certain hypnologic states. The Neanderthals were also able to sing some melodies. But we don’t have further information about how far back the use of music goes into human history. Music has been a crucial evolutionary tool, without any doubt. But the most important question is: In what way does it rewire our brain?

In recent studies, scientists managed to observe the blood flow in people who listened to their favorite song. For this research they used functional magnetic imaging, and the results are fascinating! They discovered that when people listened to their favorite tunes, they showed increased level of brain connectivity. This state of the brain – known as “full-brain processing” or “whole brain processing” – enhances their creativity, happiness and cognitive functioning levels. It was reported that the greatest change caused by music was noticed in the resting-state network, which is connected with inner peace.

This area of the brain is concerned with the ability to daydream, to solve problems created by the left side of the brain by using the creativity from the right part of the brain.

According to another study, this brain area known as “default mode network (DMN)” is something between the conscious state of mind and the internal sense of self. This network is thought to enable mind-wandering experiences, like for example, imagining the future and finding out new possibilities or hopes. So, this indicates that no matter what type of music it is – from classical to rock music, if it is the music we really love – it is able to rewire our brains.

Furthermore, when we listen to our favorite song or music in general, we are able to process psychosocial interactions, make use of divergent thinking – the state of mind that can be manipulated by the Deep State within our mind.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that by practicing music therapy – the simple listening to positive sound waves – can renew our brain, enhance our memory, and act as a tonic for the brain – even in small infants.

Scientists suggest that music regulates the secretion of steroid hormones, which eventually stimulates repair and regenerate cerebral nerves.

Last but not least, listening to music allows greater neural flexibility. Cortical plasticity enables brain circuits to flexibly alter and modify to achieve maximum capacity throughout information processing. The more flexible our brains are – the more we can endure the whole stress we experience in our every-day life.

Now we realize why we simply adore music since our early age, and we can’t go a day without listening to that special new song.

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