Neuroscience Says: YES, Your Brain Can Really Be On The Same Mental Wavelength as Someone Else’s!

All of us sometimes feel that we are clicked or we are on the same wavelength with someone else. The language that we use every day is full of expressions but it’s just a manner of speaking.

The team from Princeton University and the head Dr, Uri Hasson was studying this for a long time and found that human brain can literally ‘tune’ into each other. That process is called ‘brain coupling‘ (aka being on the same wavelength).

The Research.

Dr.Uri and his team were looking into brain scans of person who was telling a story, while another person just listened.

During this very different brain function, they discovered that the waves from one brain to the other are incredibly similar.

According to the study.

Sometimes you have the feeling that you speak to someone you feel like you cannot get through to them, and other times you know that yo u are clicked immediately. And when you start to really understand to each other your brains become more similar in responses over time. You are on the same wavelength!

This is a wonderful confirmation of the ‘gut instinct‘ you get when you ‘re surrounded by certain people that you really can be on the same wavelength. And there’s always a lot more to be learned if we want to study this phenomenon.

Do you want to know what’s even more interesting? The stronger the association between the two, the more their brains truly reflected one another. This was proved with a post-scan interview.

So next time you get a “good vibration” from somebody, trust that instinct — because, at that moment, your brain is telling you that there’s a connection there.