You Deserve More Than Silence

Silence may be voiceless but it can say so much. Much of the time, silence appears when the end is near. It implies that something has changed or things have gone in the wrong direction. However, from my personal experience, when silence stands between two people who used to talk every day, you are powerless to make any changes of that scenario.

Silence signifies that this person is no longer interested in a conversation with you as much as they used to be. They don’t feel the need to talk about your stories or share theirs. They don’t feel the excitement when they talk to you anymore, so they stay away from you, they’d rather say nothing than talking about their feelings in that moment.

Silence shows that this person talks to other people instead. Someone else has taken your place and discussions with them are better with them.

The conversation made with you is not as good as the conversation made with the other person so they invest their energy and time in someone else. You have lost the passion or the essence and it feels just easier to sit in silence. It just became comfortable.

Silence may also mean that a lot of things are happening in the person’s life and they’ve chosen to be alone. They’ve chosen to suffer alone or get better alone or distance for some time from their daily routines. It means that he/she decided to be lonely than to be with someone else.

Silence can be interpreted in million other ways, but at the end of the day, it means that the connection with two people will never be the same. Silence will replace the words. Indifference will replace the passion and the relationship will only go downhill, since if you are given the silent treatment, very often it is a forever thing.

When this happens, you need to remember that you are not the one who has done anything wrong. It’s no use of analyzing things, trying to figure out what went wrong or trying to make things better.

If someone chooses silence it means that according to them you really deserve silence. And it’s more than clear that you deserve the opposite. You deserve words and explanations. You deserve to be around people who wouldn’t give up on you overnight.

Although silence may tick out the last hours of someone’s company, it still isn’t the end of the world. Quite oppositely, it means that your life gives you chance to be around people who really care about you. This toxic person has never cared about you, and believe me, the best thing you can do is just leave without looking back!

It’s ironical that the best way to respond to people who out of the blue sky decided to go out of your life is also silence. Keep your words for those who know how to appreciate them.