If You Experience Any Of These 5 Signs You Are The Carrier Of Your Family Karma…

Family karma is your ancestral bloodline karma. This family karma is carried by the family member who is most spiritually developed person in that family. They usually carry it throughout their whole lifetime, from their birth, except if they release it.

This transfer of energy can be completed in a physical, verbal or subconscious way.

Arguing too much with your parents is related to energetic ties to experiences from the past.

You or your parents might have refused to learn some lesson in the past or might have had karmic building experiences.

Ancestors hand down family patterns to great grandparents, they hand them down to grandparents, grandparents to parents and eventually they are handed to you.

For instance, let’s assume your grandmother is too kind. She is taking care of everyone so much that at certain point she is even used by everybody as well as your alcoholic grandfather.

Your mother then turns into a sacrificial energy; she lacks focused attention and love to her children or even herself. These practices, which are passed down just as oppression and false truth, continue happening endlessly and keep the consciousness of the members on a lower, dense level.

Being a child of your parents, you have the karmic DNA that has been transferred to you. It can be exceedingly mild or excessively intense.

5 Signs That Indicate You Are The One Who Carries The Family Karma


  • You are the most conscious family member from all in your family and your spiritual development stands out too.
  • You feel like you don’t have much in common with your family.
  • Sometimes you suffer from a mysterious illness, and might even feel like you are carrying all the burdens from this world on your shoulders.
  • You find yourself in bizarre family matters very often.
  • You are aware of some family patterns that keep occurring for decades and you really want to change it.

How to cut these energetic strings?

To let go of the ties from the parental energy, first of all you need to let go of them in your own mind and emotions.

Look closely and discover to what point your parent’s rules affect you and set of illusions. Become aware that these are often rooted in judgment and fear.

The moment you’ve cleared and released everything, you can freely forgive your parents and immediately “go away from the parental house.”

By taking responsibility for yourself and your own life, you are just letting your parents be.

Disagreeing to your parents’ illusions and fears means that you see them as different from their illusions and fears.

The moment you do this, you understand that they are innocent and need to be forgiven. They loved you as deeply as they could, even if it often wasn’t enough.

You might seem as being a victim to the ego-based consciousness of your parents since you’ve been a little child and may have spent your life living by their illusions, and yet you can succeed in transcending from that victim’s position.

If you do the following things you can change your family’s energetic patterns:

  1. In order to reach to the core of all the problems that keep happening, meditate and do self-examination.
  2. Recognize the behavioral patterns and modify them.
  3. Decide to be the master of your own mind, soul, thoughts and your own karma-carrier.