13 Common Things Women Who’ve Been Hurt Too Many Times Do Without Realizing

Sometimes emotional damage can be as serious as the physical damage. Whether we admit it or not, heartbreak changes our personality a lot.

It can be seen on the outside if someone was hurt to many times on the inside. Some people can notice it and some can’t. It’s not easy to learn the lessons after being hurt for so many times. Without even being aware, we start doing some things to save ourselves from a potential harm in the future. If you are a girl or a woman who has been suffering a lot lately, you will know that everything you read below is true.

These Are The 13 Things Only Women With Broken Hearts Do And Are Not Even Aware Of It:

They stop believing in true love

Totally disappointed, they don’t have the strength to search for love. They have a certain hope that one day it’ll appear, but the moment it does, they run away. They are not as opened with other people as they were before.

They don’t trust others as they used to

They doubt in people’s intentions. The last thing they want is to go through the same things again, so they are a lot more cautious. They know that showing interest and having good intentions don’t always mix together.

They build barriers

They build walls in order to protect themselves. They have felt on their own skin how it feels to be lain, cheated and stubbed in the back by someone they’ve trusted so much. They’ll do their best to prevent someone from coming in.

They become used to the sadness

As if they’ve stopped believing in happiness. They even feel better when they are sad; they’ve become used to it. So many bad things have happened to them, it’s almost impossible to forget that feeling.

They don’t talk much

They are not so opened anymore and they tend to be more reserved. They don’t have the will to give so easily. Suffering changes people.

They don’t trust anyone

They trust people less than they used to before. It’s extremely hard to earn their trust. If you make them doubt in you just for a second, prepare yourself to pack your bags and leave from their life forever.

They’ve grown strong

Their pain and everything they have been through has made them grow strong. All this, has made who they are now and who they are going to be forever.

They consider romance to be ‘fake’

They’ve stopped believing in romance. A relationship should give you so much more and they are aware of this. The sweet trap called romance which is often put by men will never ever catch her.

They are focused on themselves

They don’t need anyone to take care of them, they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. They know their aims, dreams and desires in their life an no one can stop them from fulfilling it.

Toxic people are way out of their lives

They get rid of toxic people the moment they sense them. People who do not support them don’t deserve to stay in their lives. They only let the true friends in their lives, those who would stay with them even when times are tough.

They stand on their own

They can overcome any situation on their own. They are completely independent and do not need the help of others. No doubt that the company is good but they will be perfectly fine even without it.

They don’t accept excuses

They don’t accept excuses for the way others behave. If you’ve made a mistake nothing can keep you in their lives.

They don’t take risks anymore

The will never again give their love so easily. Taking risks to be hurt again will never appear as an option. They are not opened to other people anymore and they have a good reason to behave in that way.