This article is for all those people who were “lucky enough” to be in a relationship with a Narcissist or Sociopath and have been convinced to be the crazy one.
It’s something you never want to experience again in the future.

It’s very hurtful when the one who claims to love you, attempts to open up some psychology books and points with his finger to some psychological disease. It’s even more hurtful that most of the things you are blamed for are something they always do.

You’ve probably heard that these two personalities have some similar personality characteristics. Dr. Tracy Stein rephrased the criteria for these two personality disorders. Here is the list of characteristics that she wrote.


  • Has an enormous sense of superiority (makes a mountain over a molehill about his accomplishments, expects to be considered as superior without adequate accomplishments)
  • Fantasizes too much about limitless achievements, supremacy, good looks, brilliance or ideal love)
  • Is strongly convinced that he/she is “special” and that only special and high-status people like him can understand him.
  • Wants to be excessively admired
  • Feels more powerful than the other people around him/her
  • Is manipulative
  • Doesn’t empathize with people
  • Envies others or thinks that others envy him/her
  • Extremely arrogant and proud of himself/herself


  • Unable to conform to social norms, constantly doing acts that form basis for arrest
  • Deceitfulness
  • Impulse reactions
  • Aggression and irritability demonstrated by constant physical fights an assaults
  • Reckless behavior, endangering the safety of others
  • Constant irresponsible behavior, demonstrated by continuous failure to maintain consistent work behavior or respect financial commitment
  • Lacking a sense of guilt, demonstrated by being indifferent or defending the reason why they’ve hurt others

If you have been close to some people who suffer from one of these personality disorders, you are probably familiar with some of these personality characteristics. If you are still in a relationship with someone who has these personality traits, than it’s time to leave them and move on with your life before they intoxicate completely it. Narcissists and Sociopaths tend to make the other partner responsible for all the problems they face in the relationship.

After a long time spent on soul-searching and looking for answers I realized that all the problems I was convinced were my fault, never actually were. I realized that all the time I have been blaming myself for something imaginary, something which was inserted in my head by this manipulative person, a person who feeds his soul by seeing how the other is suffering. When you understand this, you will finally be able to find peace, heal your soul and move on.
So why is it so important for the Narcissists and Sociopaths to make you believe that you are the crazy one in the relationship? I found out that there are two correct answers for this question.

They Are Unable To Understand That Some Problem Appears Because Of Their Personal Actions

Sociopaths and Narcissists are convinced deep down in themselves that it is impossible for them to do anything wrong. They cannot feel any remorse, no matter how much time you tell them that their actions have hurt you. It is in their nature to be able to manipulate the people around them and to find something by which they will prove that you are responsible for those kinds of actions.
Don’t even try to convince them that their actions psychologically correspond to narcissist or sociopath behavior disorder. They will immediately find the way to turn it right back into you so you will soon be questioning your mental health.

They will project this on you and all the people who’ll listen to what you talk about

Narcissists and Sociopaths are incredibly charismatic persons and know exactly what they need to say to each person in order to make them believe in what they want them to. Over time they will make others believe that they are victims. Very soon, he will make everyone believe that in this story you are the villain who doesn’t empathize with people and he is the one who is being the victim of your deceitful actions.

However, there is no use of trying to fight and challenge, because in that way you will make the situation even worse. All you need to do is leave them behind and carry on with your life. The most important thing is that you know for yourself that you haven’t done anything wrong and you’ve realized who is who. It can be hurtful at the beginning, but after some time you will feel relief and will realize that it hurts more to be with them than to be alone. As time passes by things will come back to normal again.