Why girls who stay single for a long time end up the happiest

Although we rarely speak about this, there are so many young women who have decided to stay single from an early age. There are numerous reasons about this: some of them want to be happy on their own and some simply don’t have apparent reasons to look for a partner.

Below you are going to read about some of the most common reasons why women choose to stay single most of the time:

  • First of all: Dating was never one of their priorities.
  • They are not desperate: They don’t accept anything less than they deserve. They are looking for a deeper and more meaningful connection.
  • They choose friendship: They value their friends more than they value relationships.
  • Don’t have time for dating: They are too busy with other things and think that dating will only make them busier.
  • They possess high standards: They are strong and independent women with high standards and not all men can keep up with them.
  • They are happy with their life as it is: They simply don’t need a man because they are surrounded with so many friends and family members.
  • Not easily impressed: They are intelligent and smart. They know everything about the dirty tricks men have. That’s why they are not easily impressed.

Many women know how to recognize whether the relationship will be successful or not, so they don’t want to waste their energy and time when they know that it’s not going to work out in the long run. Others are successful and happy on their own, so they don’t fall for the stereotype which says that they should feel sad for not having a partner.

In other words, women who decide to stay single are satisfied with their own life and appreciate all the time they have for themselves. They know exactly what they want from their life and do everything to fulfill their dreams and life goals. What is more, those who’ve decided to remain single have a tendency to be incredibly dedicated and passionate, and they possess the ability to improvise and survive in any situation they find themselves in.

That is to say, women who’ve decided to stay single for a long period of time do so not because they believe it is easier for them than trying to find a partner, but because they are so satisfied with their life that they simply focus on numerous other things which are more important to them than being with a partner is. These women are not afraid of the idea of not getting married.

However, when women who stay single for a longer period of time finally decide to fall in love, it is usually with a strong man who will encourage them to achieve even more and become even more successful. In fact, it’s very likely that it will be with a man who is successful and happy on his own, but is ready to achieve additional happiness with a woman who is in the same wave length.