What Is Your Animal Sign?

Native Americans are known to have always been deeply connected to the Earth and all the animals inhabited on it. In their culture every person had an animal birth totem, also known as the spirit animal which leads them and protects them through life. The type of the spirit animal depends on the day of your birth. Every animal birth totem provides different sorts of information including the person’s personality and predictions about their life path and their destiny.



Otters have high-spirited, eccentric personality. Then again, they also do extremely well at solving problems, and will stop at nothing until they have an answer. Many people see them as unpredictable, but the otter is not concerned about this. They see the world in their own special way, and never care what other people think of them. Otters always search for freedom and adventure, but they have another side which is more empathetic and gentle as well.

WOLF (FEB 20 – MARCH 19)

What the complex and mysterious wolf enjoys doing is sitting back and observing the world around them, only watching and taking notes. They rarely let someone get close to them, since they have a tendency to hide their real emotions and they never show their true personality, only part of it that they feel comfortable with. Wolfs are incredibly creative, smart and artistic, that’s why they prefer to spend much of the time alone, perfecting their craft. They are self-sufficient and self-reliant, so now you know where the phrase “lone wolf” comes from.


This sign belongs to the sign of Aries, if we consider our horoscope. It is an extremely independent and dominant sign. Falcons like to supervise the situation all the time, showing the way they think is right. They hate when someone bosses around and tries to control them. Falcons get involved with a new project or business idea right away, without any hesitation or observation beforehand. Although they may seem a little harsh, stubborn and intolerable, underneath the surface there is a good heart that cares for the loved ones.


The beaver is a real hard-worker, not leaving a job until it’s completed. Sometimes they don’t listen to what other people say and may seem a little stubborn. Beavers are trustworthy and honest, and you can always rely on them to follow through. They stay firmly on the ground and always think in terms of logic and practicality.

DEER (MAY 21 – JUNE 20)

Despite the deer’s quiet nature, they can also be very friendly and sociable. They do everything quickly, and would stop at nothing until they do what they’ve planned. Deer are kind and good-natured but sometimes they can be a total opposite, crawling back into their shell and enjoying their own company. They behave almost the same as Gemini, since this sign falls between the dates given above.


The most accurate words that describe the woodpecker would be: persistence, dedication and braveness. Although they are small, their hearts are big. When they enter into a room, they are noticed by everyone, but they are far from being arrogant. Quite the contrary, they are modest, kind and incredibly caring. They always put others first. But, if people don’t behave in the way they’ve expected, they can easily be hurt.


The salmon has a unique personality and when they walk into a room they naturally light it up. They don’t mind being in the center of the people’s attention, they actually enjoy it. Extremely talented, smart and sociable, the salmon always has high expectation of themselves. If they don’t have the conditions to do something great, they may acquire some bad habits and fall into stagnation. They love being surrounded with beautiful and positive people, preferably who also have set their life goals as high as themselves.


The words that perfectly describe this mighty bear are: logic, analyzing, straightforwardness and braveness. Bears are very patient, and will stay true to you no matter the situation. However, underneath the quiet surface they hide their bad temper, but they show it only if it’s necessary.


Ravens create the perfect balance in their lives with their unique internal way, and usually bring balance to the lives of others too. They consider justice to be something very important and when they see that something is not right they always fight for fairness. Although they may seem quiet, they never stop pursuing their dreams and goals. They always speak in an eloquent way, giving an impression of calm and cool person even when they scream from the inside.


Snakes’ personality is always considered to be bad, but wait until you get to know them well. They may appear unfriendly and mean, but they carry big hearts inside of them. All you need to do is peel back their layers to see their real personality. They are extremely sensitive, but never try to harm them – they tend to seek for revenge whenever someone hurts them.


Owls tend to have divided personality. Although they are incredibly wise, strong and patient, they can sometimes be unstable and flighty too. They also let only few people to get too close to them, and it’s very hard to penetrate deep into their souls unless you are extremely patient with them. Owls are serious, but also kind and friendly. They hate routines, and they always want to go outside and come back with a new adventure in their memory.


Geese are known to be the hardest workers of all the other animal signs. This characteristic often makes them neglect other aspects of their lives and focus only on their work. They don’t care much about the ideas of the other people, but enjoy sharing their own ideas and making the other people accept them. If there is something they are afraid of, that’s the possibility of failure, so they give their best and work as hard as they can, so that they make sure that doesn’t happen to them.