10 Signs the Universe is Trying to Tell You Something

How many times have you asked the Universe to send you a sign if something is about to happen or if you’ve made the right choice? We desperately need to communicate with the Universe but usually we are not sure how to do that, or even worse, we don’t know how to interpret the signs that to Universe is sending us.

Sometimes we think of a past action and we say to ourselves, “I shouldn’t have done this or that, there was a sign but I didn’t realize!” Luckily, there is a way to learn to read all the messages that the Universe sends you. Some messages warn us that something bad is going to happen and others want to tell us that something good is on its way. It’s nice to be aware of them.

Below you will read 10 things you should focus on so that you interpret the messages the Universe sends you.

You Feel As If Your Intuition Has Increased

When you feel as if you are more open and you pay more attention to the things that happen around you, it means that you begin to trust your intuition. The intuition is directly connected with the Universe. If you suddenly experience some positive or negative feeling, pause for a moment and pay attention to your thoughts. We feel in that way for a reason, because everything is constituted by energy and everything vibrates in a certain way.

Some vibrations stimulate positive feelings and others make us feel uneasy. It all happens because we exchange energies with everything and everyone around us. Sometimes it’s more than enough to look into someone’s eyes or observe their body language to get a lot of clues. Or when you visit a certain place, the colors, the atmosphere, the people there have an effect on our own vibrations, whether on positive or in negative way. If you suddenly get some positive or negative feeling, don’t ignore it, that’s probably a message from the Universe.

You Trust Yourself And The Universe Too

Sometimes suddenly we lose our skeptical side. We feel as we believe more and as if we are more spiritually and mentally developed. Together with the message, the Universe sends faith too. It doesn’t mean that faith has to be religious, actually most of the time it’s not. It’s a feeling that cannot be described but we are sure that it exist and there is a reason why is that so. We begin to believe in it not because someone else made us believe, but because we feel deep down in ourselves that it is the right thing.

You Feel More Open To Receive The Answers

When we’ve learned how to believe and when we surrender completely to the Universe, we are ready to open up ourselves and receive the answers. It is very important to live in the present moment and completely free yourself from any worry, fear or judgment. Judgments negatively affect our intuition and can also block our receivers. Talk to the Universe and tell her that you are prepared to accept the answers.

You Become Aware Of Changes

You’ve probably met some person who notices even the smallest details and you wonder how they do that. Some people are able to describe a situation in such a detail that make people’s jaw drop. These people are able to notice all the tiny details because they trust their intuition and are open to receive. In any particular moment things happen in order to get our attention. Sometimes we don’t have time to notice them and sometimes we don’t even care about them. When the Universe tries to communicate with you, you will notice that you pay a lot of attention to details.

You See Repeating Numbers Or Recurring Events

Maybe you did not see it the first time, you will certainly see it when it appears again and again and again. For instance, some people see 11:11 all the time. They always check the clock at that particular moment. It doesn’t have to be this number, it can be any number. Sometimes particular events keep happening over and over again. First you don’t pay attention to it until the same thing happened for the 5th time. Then you start asking yourself what it could mean for you. There is no doubt that the Universe is sending you some message that you need to interpret.

You See Some Image, Hear Some Song Or a Word In Print

When you think of someone, it often happens to see or notice something that reminds you of that person. Or maybe, the moment you think of a person, they call you. Sometimes you think of something and suddenly a song plays on the radio connected to what you were thinking about. Maybe the person you were thinking about wants to communicate with you. Or maybe he thinks of you too. You may also think of a certain place and suddenly that place appears on TV. If you can’t understand the reason why it is happening, the best thing to do is to write this situation down and mark the date when it happened. Later on maybe you will notice some other signs and you will finally understand the hidden message behind all those situations.

An Unexpected Illness

Sometimes when everything is just fine, one of a sudden you feel sick. But you can’t understand why. Maybe it wants to stop you from going to a certain place or meeting some person. Maybe you have to calm down and think twice about your recent actions and plans. Maybe you want to have something that was not meant for you. When you suddenly feel exhausted or sick, this is the right time to think carefully about your life and try to understand what went wrong.

Negative Comment From Particular Person

There are two reasons why this is happening. Either the Universe wants to reveal the true personality of a particular person by making us hear their own words towards us, or these comments serve as a sign that tells us that we are in an unpleasant or risky situation. Maybe our channels were closed when we wanted something very much or when we think highly of some person. Throughout this period we may lose our ability of judging because we are closed. It would be wise to focus on negative things as much as you focus on positive things.

You Feel Some Unexplainable Worry or Anger

This is directly linked to your intuition. When you feel this, you need to pause and try to understand what’s wrong and what your intuition wants to tell you. Just slow down, breathe look deep down in yourself and try to discover what makes you feel that way.

Breaking or Losing Something Extremely Important

You are not concentrated, you are absent minded and one of a sudden the clumsy in you peaks out. However, it may not be the clumsy in you but the Universe trying to communicate with you. Instead of breaking something you can also lose something very important to you. When you realize you’ve lost something and it is nowhere to be found, slow down and think what were you thinking before you started searching for the lost thing. It might tell you that you need to start analyzing things closer.