Intuition is almost impossible to be measured and observed, that’s why some people believe that intuition and intelligence are two totally different things. The translation for ‘intuition’ that we found in a dictionary was the following:

“1. the ability to understand something instantly, without the need for logical thinking.”

Intuition is something we immediately feel, long before our mind starts to analyze and find logical explanations of the things. It’s some kind of instinct. Very often people get themselves out of life-threatening situations by using their intuition. When they don’t have time to think they just rely on their intuition and survive.

Where Does Intuition Come From?

Have you ever experienced that ‘gut feeling’ that something good or bad is going to happen? That’s your intuition. Although we usually feel it in our stomach or gut area, most people claim that it is located in our hearts. In a very interesting documentary I recently watched, it was explained that this feeling, in fact, comes from our heart and that it is the heart that always reacts first in any given situation. The heart intuitively knows what’s really happening.

Why Is Intuition Considered To Be One Of The Highest Forms Of Intelligence?
Many scientific studies suggest that the heart is both intuitive and rational. Gerd Gigerencer, a director at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, explains how the intuition functions. He says that he uses intuition in his scientific work in order to discover certain information. For instance, sometimes he just doesn’t know why he follows a certain path but he feels in his heart that it’s the only way he will discover something new, and he is always right. As he says, the same goes with his private life too.

Intuition by itself is not the same as intelligence. However, listening to the intuition and acting in accordance to it can be intelligent. How many times have you said to yourself “I knew that was the right thing to do”, or “I should’ve listened to my intuition”? Now you know how many times your intuitions was right while your logical thinking was wrong. As Gigerenzer claims intuition posses some form of intelligence. If you don’t believe it, think of all the times that it lead us to the right path in our life.

Trusting The Intuition

It’s true that we often experience that gut feeling that tells us what to do, but how often do we trust it? What’s interesting for the intuition is the fact that it acts similarly to a muscle.

The more you trust it and use it, the stronger it becomes. Thus, if you think that your intuition isn’t strong enough to be trusted, it’s time to strengthen that muscle. In the future, try not to overthink and just do the first thing that you consider right. I will give you an example of what happened to me long before I took the intuition seriously. My friend and I made plans to go out for a drink, but we didn’t say where exactly. I was supposed to pick her up, but I couldn’t get on time to the place where she was supposed to wait for me.

I tried to call her but her phone died. While I was looking for her in the area where she was supposed to be, my intuition kept saying “Go to Nice Café, she will be there” but my mind was telling the opposite: “There is not a chance she will be there, plus it’s impossible to find a parking there”. While I was thinking what to do, she managed to charge her phone and called me. I found out that she was calling me from Nice Café and that she was there all the time. It would have been so much easier if only I had trusted my intuition.