This Is When The Universe Decides To Send You The Right Person

Life doesn’t appear to be a random process. On the contrary. Everything that happens to us seems to be by intelligent design. There are no coincidences, no accidents, instead just a series of perfectly timed events.

When the right person shows up in our lives, it’s because the universe decided that it was the right time for that to happen. The right person will enter our life right when they are supposed to, and not one moment sooner.

Here are the reasons why the universe might think you are ready to meet the right person:

You don’t need anyone else.

You are perfectly fine on your own. You don’t need someone else to complete you. You complete you, and you are genuinely happy all by yourself. The universe tends to send us the right person when we least expect them, and most of all, when we least need them to be in our lives.

You need to learn a lesson

Perhaps you’ve become too comfortable, or you’re stuck, or maybe you are missing something. The right person, at the right time, can help you evolve in your perspective, and change something about your approach to life. They can teach you a valuable lesson, and force you to make different choices, or simply reach deeper awareness and understanding within yourself. See things clearer.

You are your truest self

You’ve been working on discovering who you truly are, and removing the layers and the masks that don’t belong. You are getting in touch with your true identity, and eliminating the fake identities that you’ve created for yourself in order to fit in, and gain the approval of others. When your mind, your choices, your behaviors, your relationships are in alignment with your true self, it might be time for the right person to show up – a reflection of you being ready to have an authentic, genuine connection.

You have done sufficient self-healing

You have learned the art of self-love, self-compassion, and self-care. You are your own best friend. Self-destructive behaviors are no longer acceptable to you. You no longer allow anyone else to upset you or disturb your well-being and peace of mind either. You have made peace with yourself, you’ve forgiven yourself for your mistakes, and you are clear in your boundaries, in your own needs and wants. Anything less than that is not ok.

You have mastered the art of patience

You’ve learned to let things be. You no longer force things. You no longer force yourself or other people also. You have no need to control everything, and can allow things to unfold and evolve organically, at their own pace. The universe will send the right person when you learn to trust the universe’s rhythm. You are calm, well balanced, and you’ve outgrown all internal states of desperation and neediness.

The universe has its own magic, and beautiful things happen when we learn to have faith in it.