This Is How Complaining And Negative Thoughts Affect Your Brain

Every thought we have, makes our brain to produce certain chemicals. The type of chemicals produced depends on whether we have good, happy thoughts, or bad, negative thoughts. The happy thoughts make our body feel happy and satisfied.

In contrast, the negative thoughts lead to a production of negative chemicals which make us feel just like our thoughts – gloomy, stressed and depressed.

Thus, every chemical produced by our brain is, actually, a message that has an effect on our physical body and well being. In other words, our body behaves in the way we are thinking.

If we take a look at one simple consumer’s review site, we can notice that people have the tendency of taking into consideration only the negative reviews rather than the positive ones. What is more, it is more likely that the customer who had some bad experience will write a review rather than a customer who was happy with the service.

This can be also applied to our personal lives. We have a tendency to concentrate on one or two things that are not going so well in our life, rather than concentrating on the great number of things that are actually going well.

Why is this so? And, more importantly, what’s the effect of all these negative thoughts throughout our life? How do they affect our body and mind? Are we able to re-wire our brain to concentrate only on the positive things?

Rick Hanson, a neuroscientist, claims that our brain produces unpleasant feelings of anxiety that can be too strong for some people.

Furthermore, anxiety disables people to focus inwardly and to be widely aware of what is really happening, since the brain keeps looking for a thing that would ensure the thoughts that there is really no problem. This brain search is so unnoticeable that none of us is ever aware that it’s actually happening.

In our subconscious mind, there is a process that is checking every new place, person or thing for possible threats or harms. This activity of the subconscious mind is manifested by the conscious mind as abstemiousness with excitement about the new things and begins to prepare for the worst that might happen.

For instance, getting our hearts broken, losing money, friends or someone we love, are all things that we mentally prepare for long before they actually happen.

So, is there something we can do to put an end to this process?

This is highly possible only if we can make the difference between what’s real and what’s the product of our negative imagination. To do this, first we need to discover what kind of thoughts lead to this type of negative response. Meditation, deep breaths or exercising usually help here.

How to re-wire our brain to produce only positive thoughts?

A network of neurons is created by our brain out of everything we see, hear or feel. This implies that the thoughts and experiences which are repeated the most have the greatest effect on how our brain is wired.

For instance, if we experience negative thoughts the moment we get up, complaining that we have to go to work, we’ll become stressed, and this causes even more negative thinking.

In other words, even one small negative thought can provoke an endless stream of negative thought patterns occurring in our brain all day long.

Thus, it is very important for us to become conscious and fully aware of the thoughts that take place in our mind. We have to become more powerful than the negative thoughts in order to conquer them.

The good news is that we already possess a very powerful weapon we can use against those negative thoughts and that is – the feelings of love and gratitude. The vibrations of these two emotions are more powerful than the vibrations of worry and fear.

However, if we want to use these emotions, we need to start believing strongly in them, because if we don’t feel love and gratitude deeply into our souls or if we don’t feel as if they are really part of us, then they lose their power.

Here we suggest one easy way that can help you with this:

Just imagine that Fear, Anger and Sadness are the names of three little children.  Fear is always told to shut up, Anger is always told that its opinions are wrong and Sadness is always left alone and no one paid any attention to it.

Therefore, embrace these three children in you and give them an infinite love and support!