This is How A Man Will Truly Love You, Even When You Are at Your Worst

Every woman wants a man in her life who won’t call her crazy for the things he isn’t able to understand but deeply affect her. He should be someone who knows how to soothe you when you come back from work, upset about something. He is patient enough to hug you and comfort you before he asks what happened. And when you tell him why you are upset so much, he hugs you so tight again and wipes your tears and makes you forget all the pain. Even though he is not able to understand the cause, his only task is to make you happy, no matter what.

Every woman wants a man in her life who never calls her silly. He never says that you are strange and out of control when you scream at things, such as your computer or phone. He never lets you face up with your own problems while he stands in the corner and indifferently sees all your struggles. You would never feel embarrassed of him to ask for help. Every moment you will know that you are loved and supported, because he lets you know. You know that you can completely rely on him.

Every woman wants a man who never blames her for being too emotional – a man who can understand all the changes in mood during her period. He loves your honesty and openness and he knows you are able to do that because you feel comfortable around him. He will never make you feel guilty because you are too sensitive. That’s the way a real man truly shows love, although you are at your worst.

Every woman wants a man who will do his best to build a strong relationship with her. He always enjoys spending time with you and that’s why he will do his best to sort out all the issues you have with him. He will put an effort to work on the problems in the relationship instead of overlooking or ignoring them.

Every woman wants a man who understands her gravest problems. He would never try to make fun of your suffering, depression or anxiety. Never in his widest dreams would he think to call you crazy, mad or psychopath. He will understand that, like all human beings and like he himself, sometimes your emotions control you instead of the other way around.

Every woman wants a man who has emotions and isn’t afraid to show them freely in front of her. He will cry so much for a loss of someone dear. He will never hide his emotions when he is touched by some romantic comedy he watches with you. He is the man you knows that being emotional and freely expressing the feeling of his soul doesn’t make him less manly. This man never hides anything about himself and you know all his flows.

Every woman wants a man who would love her unconditionally. He loves all of you, your face and your soul. He wants to wipe all your tears away. For him that’s his life mission and he wants to accomplish it only because you are the one who has ever truly loved!