These 12 Laws of Karma Will Definitely Change Your Life!

For many of us – karma is somewhat abstract notion. There is a lot of confusing and unnecessary information on this non-religious topic. This article will help you fully understand the concept of karma.

This example will help you establish a basic understanding of karma.

Lets say that you want to help others in any possible way: putting extra coins in the coffee machine, holding a door open for someone, giving some money to homeless people, buying tea or coffee for someone etc.
After you do this, the chances that the person you’ve helped will “pay it forward” are very high and more importantly – this person will be filled with positive energy.

This is one simple example of karma. There is also a negative karma; it is a product of negative thoughts.


The Great Law: “As You Saw, So Shall You Reap.”

The Great Law can be simply explained as: our actions and thoughts lead to some consequences – good and bad. If we want to live in harmony, peace and prosperity, we have to be willing to behave in accordance with that. Any thought or action that we have or do has some consequence – immediate or not.

The Creation Law: “What We Wish Will Come Through Participation.”

A person’s intentions created the life that we see around us. Because we are one with the Universe, the evolution of creation is determined by our intentions. Everything that is around us becomes part of who we are. That’s why we have to make sure that these surroundings conform to our desires.

The Humility Law: “Refusal To Accept What Is Will Not Change What Is.”

If we want to change the present circumstances, first we have to accept them. We should not focus on the negative, but address the negative instead. This is the only way we can change the present.

The Growth Law: “Our Self-Growth Is Above Any Circumstance.”

The only thing we are able to control is ourselves. The only way to make some changes in our lives is to change our own hearts.

The Responsibility Law: “Our Lives Are A Product Of Our Own Actions, Nothing Less.”

When we face with turbulences in our life, there is probably some turbulence within ourselves. In order to change our life, first we have to change our thoughts and actions.

The Connection Law: “All The Things In The Universe Are Connected With Each Other.”

There is a connection among our past, present and future. If we want to experience life in a different way, we have to make changes in the way they are connected.

The Focus Law: “The Attention Cannot Be Directed Beyond A Single Task.”

Speaking of a spiritual growth, it’s impossible to experience negative thoughts and actions and to expect to grow spiritually. If we want to achieve any desired task, first we need to direct full attention towards it.

The Hospitality And Giving Law: “Our True Intentions Are Shown By Our Selflessness.”

Long story short: everything that we believe, has to be shown by our actions. Selflessness is a virtue only if we help the other people, not just ourselves.

One cannot experience spiritual growth if they don’t possess a selfless nature.

The Law Of Change: “If We Don’t Change It, History Will Repeat Itself.”

If we want to influence the past, than we have to consciously commit to change ourselves. This change requires only positive energies.

The Here And Now Law: “All We Have Is The Present.”

Never look back on the past with regret or think that the future is pointless. These negative thoughts will rob all the positive experiences that are about to happen in the present.

The Patience And Reward Law: “Each Valuable Thing Requires Patience.”

The only possible way to get something valuable in our lives is to be patient.

The Significance And Inspiration Law: “The Best Gift We Can Receive Is The One That Contributes To The Whole.”

If we want to receive a lasting impression on the whole, we have to love, truly, deeply and with all our hearts.