The Truth Is It Will Never Work Out With The Wrong Ones

You should accept that you are not destined to be together. It’s the truth and no matter how unimportant and unexplainable is the reason that you are not together with the person you thought you had a lot of things in common and therefore you need to continue your life at a time, because if you try to change reality, you can hurt yourself more than doing well in that relationship.

Whatever you try to do is not good enough.

The truth is that you will never receive such a dedication and attention from the wrong person you are in love with, no matter how much you try to meet their expectations and adjust according to their needs. Do not assure yourself otherwise, you will never be loved, appreciated, respected, or as if you are in the seventh heaven until the person who is next to you is not the right one.

You will assure yourself that almost no real love exists and that the same problems occur in every relationship, and therefore you will try to come to terms with the fact that you are in an unhealthy relationship and that might be successful if the distress and nervousness that are deeply placed in your subconscious does not awaken you in the middle of the night and do not disturb you much because of the unhealthy relationship with the person you love. You will not have a peaceful dream because you will constantly wonder why the person you love does not pay enough attention and does not bother about your relationship. You will constantly be troubled with the thoughts when will be the moment when they leave you for another person.

They may fall in love with others, even though you have been careful with them and have given them enough attention in order to make them happy and satisfied. Even though you have done it properly, it may not be enough because they may simply not feel the same as you and do not put as much commitment in the relationship as you. 

If you are with the wrong person you will never be on the same wavelength because you will be the ones who must always do things for both, that is, to work harder, and you will feel as if you are in a relationship with yourself.

In one relationship, one can easily notice who is trying his best to make that relationship last, and who is looking and waiting for the slightest reason and difficulty in the relationship only to terminate it. That wrong person only wastes your time because he/she doesn’t care whether they will be with you in a relationship or with someone else. Unlike these the wrong ones, you can easily recognize those who really want to share everything with you and be with you both in good and bad times.

The wrong ones do not consider you a very important and particularly significant person in their life and therefore they are dealing with you the way they do and they are so selfish and indifferent to you because they absolutely don`t care whether they will walk with you or without you through their live. 

You need someone who will notice and appreciate all of your values as a person, someone who will make your heart beat faster because of the love you feel when you see them, not someone who does not understand the beauty of your existence.