The More Time You Spend With Your Mom, The Longer She’ll Live

Spending a quality time with your parents has a lot of benefits for them. Despite keeping the closeness and the special bond you have among each other, it will help them maintain their good health and can also make them live longer.

As their circle of friends becomes smaller and smaller because some of their best friends moved away, some grew ill and with some they simply just grew apart.

What is more, as time passes by, older people go to so many funerals of friends, relatives and acquaintances.

A recent study has proved how important it is to be close to the elder people. Scientists discovered that loneliness and social isolation can negatively affect both the physical and psychological well being of older people.

Furthermore, a research conducted in California, found out that the decrease which comes as a result of old age is closely related with loneliness.

In this study there were 1, 600 participants with an average age of 71. The researchers examined their lives for a certain period of time and came to a conclusion that the level of mortality increased in those participants who used to live alone or were lonely in general.

In addition, around 23% of the participants who lived alone, died within the 6 years of the study. 14% of the participants who claimed to have good social life and excellent partners were healthier, happier and lived longer.

There is not a single person on this planet that benefits from being alone. We all need to be surrounded by people who respect us, love us and bring joy to our life every day, especially elder people. The reason for this is the way elders see their friends and close people. It is scientifically proven that elder people value friends and family and they become more tolerant to some imperfections compared to young people.

This is so because older people are more experienced with their friendships. They can make difference between the things which are worth fighting for and the things that aren’t.

So, despite spending a quality time with your parents you should also encourage them to meet new friends and hang out more with people on their age.

Finally, your parents and grandparents are not the only one to benefit from your company. You will also feel better surrounded with the only people in your life you can completely trust and who will never attempt to hurt you. Their unique recipes, sincere and warm hugs and conversations will make you feel younger than you actually are and will always bring back some of your best childhood memories too!