The Invisible Red Thread That Connects Two People Who Are Meant To Be Together

It is believed that the destiny of each person is intertwined, woven like thread with all the people we meet in our lives. There is a string of fate for every person we are meant to meet in our life and every event we have to experience. This thread is indestructible, no matter how tangled it is.

Some ancient cultures thought that the color of this ‘String OF Fate’ is red, representing warmth, love and growth. A legend about this ‘String of Fate’ says that the Gods tie this thread on our ankles, with an intention to help us stay connected to all those people, places and things that are meant to teach us some lesson throughout our lifetime.

Since this thread is made by the Gods, it is extremely strong and it can never brake, no matter what you do or how tangled it becomes. However, if this string is tangled and complicated, the path to that person that you are meant to be together with will be complicated too and it will take longer until you meet them. In the video below you can see how the ‘Red String of Fate’ is interpreted:

It doesn’t matter if the person we are meant to be is far from us, no matter if the path that leads us to them is complicated, fate will always find the way for the things you are meant to experience in your life, especially true love. The next time you feel as if your luck is turning her back on you, that everything is against you and that nothing works in the right way, just calm down and be patient. At the end you will realize that there is a reason why all that was happening and that no matter how complicated the road appeared to be, it always leads us to the right place we were always meant to be!