The Human Touch: 4 Reasons It’s Important

As human beings, we all need physical contact. Actually, our species needs it in order to thrive. The connections created by touch have been extremely important for the civilization to be as it is today. Unfortunately, the advance of our society has decreased the frequency of physical touch.

The Physical Contact Between Adults In The Modern Society Has Almost Disappeared, With The Exception Of Sexuality.

One of the most important ways to bond and communicate is considered to be the platonic touch. But if this is so, why has our culture forgotten about this important form of contact?

Below You Will Read Four Main Reasons Why The Physical Contact Is So Important For Us.

Regular Physical Touch Enhances A Person’s Physical Well-Being

A hug feels good externally as well as internally. Frequent hugs can lower the blood pressure and heart rate. Its effects are not just momentary but it makes the body healthier for a long period of time. Scientists claim that hugging can also boost your immune system, lower the levels of stress and reduce anxiety. Being hugged by a person that means a lot to you can transmit support and if that person increases the frequency of hugs may transmit a positive energy that will totally reduce anxiety and stress. The obvious protecting effect of hugs may be the result of the physical contact itself or it may also be due to the feeling of support and intimacy. Either way, the people who are hugged more frequently are protected from many diseases too.

Touch Can Strengthen Team Dynamics By Building Non-Sexual Intimacy

When we touch someone in an appropriate way (a handshake, a pat on the back or a high-five), they receive a non-verbal message saying that we can cooperate. This can have personal, as well as economic effect. There was a research conducted among NBA basketball players and the results discovered that the teams in which the players had more frequent physical touch have won more games. This can also be applied to the team in your workplace.

Physical Contact Encourage Trust And Security.

It is in our human nature to connect with each other in a physical way. That’s the reason why some people decide whether a person is trustworthy or not by the quality of their handshake. According to the famous neuroscientist Edmund Ross, physical touch leads to the activation of the brain’s orbitfrontal cortex, responsible for feelings and compassion. Yet another scientist Daniel Keltner claims that according to all the research he has made, touch gives safety and trust, it eases all the pain. It triggers the body’s vegus nerve, which is responsible for compassion response, and one simple touch lead to oxytocin release, also known as “the love hormone”.

People Who Are Given Lots Of Physical Contact Tend To Be Less Violent

Many scientists have proven that children who do not experience enough physical affection tend to be more violent later when they become adults. This is because the loving touch teaches the child how to attach to others in a healthy way. Thus, when that child grows older, it’s less likely to use physical contact in an aggressive or hurtful way. The early touch of children shows them the right path that leads to emotional stability. The results are both personal and societal too.

The Lack Of That Non-Sexual Physical Contact Poses Greater Cultural Problems Than We Actually Know.

Mark Greene has made a detailed research on this particular phenomenon and has written the following: “This touch thing is extremely important; I kiss and hug my son all the time. The most important thing for me is to connect with him physically. The physical connection that I share with my son has been transformative in my life, making me aware of my value as a human being and a father.”