After seven years of marriage, I got divorced. After the divorce I couldn’t stop thinking about all those seven years, about all the things I should have done, about all the things that could have saved my marriage.

  1. Search For The Positives:
    Concentrate only on the positive characteristics of him.
  2. Love Making:
    It’s like a remedy that can heal the damage both of you made to the relationship.
  3. 3. Smart Elders:
    Listen to the advice the elders give to you. They are wiser and have gone through more in live than we have.
  4. Space:
    If he wants to spend some time on his own – let him. If he is not fully concentrated on you, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care.
  5. Accept Him As He Is:
    Don’t try to change his habits, it’s simply impossible. Trying to alter his mind is a way that leads to disaster. Let him be and keep the beautiful grace your marriage has.
  6. Respect Him:
    Men need to be respected and valued just like women do.
  7. Trust The Choices He Has Made:
    Because you are one of them.
  8. Appreciate His Efforts:
    Be supportive even when his efforts didn’t really work well.
  9. Responsibility:
    As adults, all of us should be responsible for all the actions that we take and all the emotions we provoke in the person next to us.
  10. Kindness:
    Both of you need to learn how to treat each other with the things you both love.
  11. Support:
    Give your support when he needs it, encourage him, try to bring the best out of him and eliminate the negativity.
  12. Strict NO To Gossiping:
    Men hate girl talks, so stop immediately when he is near.
  13. Discover His Fantasies:
    Spice up your marriage with special surprises that will express your love towards him. Try to think in the way he thinks and give him exactly what he likes.
  14. Take Care Of Yourself:
    Cherish your beauty, men love that.
  15. Devote Your Time:
    You should always be there for him, especially when he has some problems.
  16. Stop Comparing:
    Never compare your husband with other men.
  17. Accept His Help:
    Allowing him to help you when you are in trouble satisfies their masculine ego and boosts his confidence.
  18. Internet Advices As A Problem
    Don’t believe everything that you read on the internet because most of the advices can only damage things.
  19. He Is A Human Being:
    Don’t judge him for every mistake he does.
  20. Work On Marriage:
    Most of the people see marriage as some kind of destination. Remember, marriage is not a destination – it’s a journey and both of the partners are responsible for the direction that it takes.
  21. No Secrets:
    Keeping secrets is practically a way of cheating.
  22. Accept the Love He Gives to You:
    Maybe he has his own and unique way of showing love.
  23. Don’t Insult In Public:
    Every marriage faces with problems that both partners should sort out at home while they are alone.
  24. Try to Match:
    Try to find what both of you likes and dislikes. Join the things that both of you have in commons and make your life shine again.
  25. Don’t Mix Up:
    We all create an image of our husband in our head and when we try to match that image with the real one, we tend to mix and mess up things.
  26. Money Honey:
    Don’t ruin your marriage with these totally unimportant problems.
  27. Accept the Background:
    Accept their past as you’ve accepted yours. Nothing from your past is worth any of your fights.
  28. Let Go:
    Don’t concentrate on the mistakes, let them go and make life simple.
  29. Be Close to Each Other:
    Holding hands, sitting next to each other, kissing frequently, hugging… can all do wonders to your marriage.
  30. Love Is a Priority:
    There is nothing more important than love, bear this in mind.