The 6 Main Types Of Empaths – Find Which One You Are And How You Can Make The Most Of Your Gift

Being an empath means being able to step into one’s shoes, take a walk, and sincerely understand how they really feel, what caused that feeling and where those feelings lead to.

Empathy is a powerful ability. Putting the general definition aside, we can say that there are six types of emaths.

Read all types of empaths below and discover which type you belong to!

Physical/Medical Empath

This type of empathy has a tendency to shift the feelings of someone else’s body to the body of the empath. This enables empaths to experience the same physical pain, feel the same symptoms, and truly identify with the pain the other person feels.

Most empaths that have this rare ability choose to become healers by studying alternative medicine or engage in conventional medical practice as their profession.

This ability may cause confusion and the empath is not sure whether the symptoms or pain they experience are their own or they are someone else’s. Also it is very difficult for the empaths to protect themselves from the suffering and pain that come from others.

Emotional Empath

Emotional empaths are the most common of all. They can feel the emotions of the people they are surrounded with. These people can literally go through the same emotional turmoil as it is their own. Moreover, they can fully understand what these emotions were caused by.

The main problem with this type of empathy appears when the empath is confused and not sure whether these emotions are their own or they belong to someone else. This has a bad influence on most empaths.

Intuitive Empath

These empaths are literally able to read people’s minds. They can recognize whether someone is telling the truth or not just in a few seconds. Most of them claim that they feel exactly as we described them – reading people’s thoughts and intentions. Most of them admit that it is as if they just pick up information.

The main problem that these empaths experience is the way other people’s thoughts affect them. The information they pick up may influence them and you can only imagine how hard it is to interact with someone’s outward energy all the time.

Animal Empaths

Some of the empaths can establish very firm connections with animals. This connection will enable the empath to find out more about the animal’s thoughts, feelings and needs. This type of empaths spends a considerable time of their lives taking care of animals. This can be a wonderful experience for the empaths.

However, not all the people in this world love animals. Empaths can feel the animas’ pain and suffering and they cannot ignore that feeling. It is harder to sense the burden than to deal with human emotions.

Plant Empath

Plant empaths can establish such a strong communication with nature that many other people can’t understand. They are so good at growing plants that they always know what exactly the plant needs. They also love to spend all of their free time around them.

These empaths have the ability to feel when a plant is not doing well or when it is struggling. Their communication with nature in general is excellent. The destruction of the natural world causes them the greatest pain and suffering, and they understand the pain and beauty of Nature.

Geomantic Empath

This type of empathy is also called environmental empathy and appears with the individual’s ability to feel the energy of the environment in general and the flow of this energy has a great effect on their mood and reactions.

They enjoy places in which there is a positive energy all around them and hate places that are surrounded with negative and chaotic energy. They actually feel the flow of the energy and can even give you some advices on how to arrange the things in your home in order to establish a better energy flow.

The problem for these empaths arises when they are obliged to stay in a place with negative, chaotic energy and can’t do anything to change this energy flow.


Some empaths belong to more than one of the categories written above, because they posses more than one ability.

Each empath is able to develop any of the gifts above; they just have to choose to spend more time on the energy of the things they would like to know better.

So what type of empath are you? Tell us in the comment section and don’t forget to share!