The 11 Signs That Your Man Respects You

Who wants to spend time with a disrespectful partner? I bet no one.

Here Are 11 Traits Of Respectful Partners

He’s Respectful Towards Others.

This includes all the people you are surrounded with, from your closest family to people you’ve just met. If he shows respect towards other people it means that he will respect you as well. You’ve just got into a relationship? Pay close attention to the way your partner treats other people, that’s probably the way he will treat you too.

He Wants To Spend A Lot Of Time With You

A man who truly respects you will be sure that you are the only priority in his life. If you wish to do something together with him, he would do anything to make it happen. He would choose you over anyone or anything only to show you that you mean the world to him.

He Makes Plans For The Future

There is a huge difference between the man who runs away every time you try to plan the future and a respectful man who ensures you that you’ll always be together and can spend hours planning your future together.

He Will Never Second-Guess You

He knows deep down in himself that you know exactly what you are doing, you are confident in all the decisions you make, and he knows that he has nothing to do with it. He never judges you or doubts you because he believes in everything you do.

He’s Always Honest

And not just always telling the truth: if he is misunderstood by something he says or does he will always immediately notice that. You can learn how to recognize the honesty in your partner, but if he is really respectful, this will be something very important to him.

He Doesn’t Worsen The Situation When You Fight

It’s impossible for the partners to agree all the time with each other. When you fight or disagree with something, he tries to stabilize the situation instead of going off the deep end and make the situation even worse.

He Takes Your Opinions Seriously

If he really respects you, he would like to listen to your opinions and your way of thinking and he will always take it into consideration. He is totally paying attention to what you say, no matter the situation.

He Never Tries To Control You

A man who respects and values you never in his wildest dreams would he think of trying to control you. People who tend to control other people are usually insecure and fearful. This man is far from being insecure, quite the contrary, he strongly believes in your relationship.

He Doesn’t Show Signs Of Jealousy

As we already said, respectful man strongly believes in the relationship with you and in your mutual affection, loyalty and care. He is never concerned about the stability of the relationship and doesn’t show any sign of jealousy.

He Respects Your Time

A man who truly respects you will understand if you have some obligation that cannot be delayed. He may want to do something with you, but he puts his preferences aside and is totally supportive about you spending time where you really need to. It doesn’t matter if it is meditation or fitness class, a man who respects you he respects your time too.

He Gives You Confidence

A respectful man likes everything that you like in life. He wants to you be as successful and satisfied as you possibly can, so that you can enjoy even more the relationship with him. Sometimes he might not agree with your opinions and decisions but he will never discourage your strong wishes and needs.

Finally, my advice to all women is: always demand respect and never satisfy with less than you deserve.