Talking To Your Pets And Naming Your Car Are Signs Of Intelligence

Okay so we all have conversations with our pets, right? Who doesn’t greet their furry companion every time they come back home and have a small chat with them? Also, isn’t it normal to have a name for your car? Not to mention Patrick the plant who lives on the front porch.

Science has proved that giving names to plants and cars and talking to your dog like he fully understands what you’re saying are indicators of a higher level of intellect. We are genetically built to ensure that we look for the characteristics of a human being in animals and lifeless articles.

The correct term for this is ‘anthropomorphizing’. Anthropomorphizing means ‘to give the traits normally found in humans to any creature, greenery or inanimate object. The University of Chicago conducted a study recently in which they discovered that people who have this trait are more intelligent than others.

People usually see this habit as juvenile and absurd. It is actually a deeply instinctive habit which stems from the same genes that make us smarter than other species. This trait uses the same intelligence we use to differentiate facial characteristics and to connect one article to another. We understand another creature or inanimate object’s mind using the very cognitive ability we use to understand the thoughts of other people.
If we keep working on giving a persona that attributes humanity to normal objects and animals, we are actually increasing our social intelligence. This trait is actually proof of the incredible intelligence our brain possesses and not an indicator of idiocy or foolishness.

Keep this in mind and next time you want to have a chat with your cat, go for it. It will only make you more intelligent than you already are.