5 Differences Between a Soulmate and a Life Partner

Many people misunderstand the term life partner and that of a soul mate. A soulmate is a person who comes into your life in order to give you some life lesson and helps you rise into a higher state of being and awareness. A life partner is a person you trust with your whole heart and someone you depend on throughout your life.

Below you will read five things by which you will be able to distinguish the term soulmate from the term life partner.


Soulmates yousually come to your life disguised as lovers, friends or family. They teach you a lesson that you need to learn. The moment they complete their obligation they usually go away, leaving you heartbroken and in inconceivable amount of pain.
A life partner is a person who has similar interests as you. This person is the source of your strength, motivation and the biggest support in your life. As opposed to the soulmate, the life partner stays in your life no matter what and finds a solution for any challenge or obstacle that comes on your path.


Soulmates are deeply connected with your heart and consciousness. They hit the ego and bring chaos in your life. The relationships are passionate and full of changes. These wonderful experiences often end with pain and suffering. Soul mates are only here to complete some lessons in your life.
Life partners, on the other hand, come into your life the moment you decide to accept and love yourself as you are. You don’t feel the need to fulfill some unexplained emptiness anymore. These partners join in your life with the same experiences as you. They will be there forever.

According to Elizabeth Gilbert, a soulmate comes with a purpose to shake up your self-respect, rip apart your ego, confirm your addictions and obstacles, tear apart your heart so that it can absorb a new light, make you so hopeless and out of control that you need to change your life.


The moment you see your soulmate, you feel as if you’ve met them before. You are on the same wavelength and you completely understand each other. You have similar childhood stories. That’s when the passion between the two of you starts to grow. That sense of “knowing” attracts both of you like some kind of magnet. After some time, the chaos begins to take place due to all the similarities you are mirroring to one another. You have the same flaws and habits.

Whereas your life partner doesn’t come from the same paths and backgrounds and there are many differences between you that strengthen the emotional connection. You become interested in each other just because of those differences and you want to learn everything about each other. You are not just partners but best friends too. Your love grows more and more every day.
Paulo Coelho once wrote: “Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.”


Your feelings and thoughts are connected on a higher level. You both know what the other thinks and desires. Soulmates don’t need to use words in order to express their ideas and emotions. They feel exactly what you feel and they know everything.
The attraction between life partners firstly is physical and then they long for learning the other’s values. The relationship is not as emotionally driven as the one with the soulmate, but it is rather logical and intellectual.


Soulmates don’t come randomly, but in time which was defined before you were born. These relationships offer incredible lessons. The whole relationship is thrilling and full of difficulties. It brings out both the best and the worst of the two partners.
The relationship between life partners tends to be easy. It begins without putting much effort. It continues to become deeper and deeper every day. No past or future stories mess around with your thoughts. You live only for the present moment. These relationships tend to grow in healthy marriages because both sides are prepared to build oneness while still maintaining their own individuality and authenticity.

However, the possibility of your soulmate to become your life partner is not excluded. And vice versa, the relationship with your life partner can grow in a deep soul connection. The most obvious difference is that you can’t choose your soulmate, it’s your destiny to meet them. But you can choose your life partner and you consciously decide whether you want to spend the rest of your life with them or not. We can’t say which relationship is better because they are two different things that speak for themselves. Your soulmate completes your puzzle and you feel completed like nothing is missing in your life. They bring both the best and worst out of you. On the other hand, a life partner gives the biggest support, he wants to be with you forever and brings out only the best out of you, but he/she is not able to enrich your spirit as soulmates do.