Shiva is the God of Creation and Destruction, And 2018 Is His Year

Hindu mythology considers Lord Shiva to be the Destroyer and creator and without a doubt the most important one in the Trinity. Lord Shiva has a characteristic appearance – he has 3 eyes and ash smeared all over his body.

There are so many stories for this god, for those who haven’t heard – they refer to Adiyogi and “that which is not”. The word yogi refers to a person who has experienced the life of himself.  Shiva is in control of change both positive and negative.

Shiva can take different forms. Lord Shiva is conceived in his unborn, hidden form known as Shiva Lingam. The Lingam is represented by the Shiva’s creative male energy. Practically every Hindu home and temple worships this main symbol of Shiva.

2018 is believed to be the year of Shiva, which means that you should expect a lot of change and destruction in more ways than you can imagine.

Lord Shiva usually brings about many things that often scare us – things that lead to self-growth. Shiva is a symbol of consciousness. As a masculine energy it is also a symbol of the sun. If we are functioning only from the masculine side, it makes us feel more stressed out and tired too. We have to establish balance between masculine and feminine. Shiva and Shakti need to work together in synchronization.

During the whole year, you have to work more in order to establish this balance and make sure that your feminine energy is synchronized with your masculine energy, so that you avoid chaos in your life. The only way to achieve this is by deep meditation. It’s a must, for the whole year. Breathe and enable these energies to heal inside your body. All you need is just a few minutes every day.

Even though this all seems a little overwhelming, there is even more to come than you can ever imagine. This year is going to be crazy. Be prepared to experience so many different things and don’t forget that everything happens for a reason.