Sensitive People Are Actually Angels With Broken Wings

“Those who are sensitive inside, are soldiers on the outside.” – Lauren Graham

Sensitive people are some of the best people in the world. I strongly believe that they are angels because they seem to be too amazing to be human and you will read below why this is so.

Maybe they don’t have wings, but that doesn’t indicate that they are not angels. The negative things in the world drastically affect the sensitive people. They give too much but don’t expect anything in return.

They usually tend to compare themselves with around them and are always victims to the unusual world we live in. This world is so cruel for them that they usually lose themselves. The soul of the sensitive people is too pure for this world and still they are forced to live here. The struggle a lot to get used to this world and most of them don’t complain at all.

They have difficult and complex inner lives. Their bodily sensations are so strong, there not enough words to describe. Sensitive people will put up with everything, but once they feel that they had enough, they will immediately build their indestructible walls in front of them. Their life is full of ups and downs – like rollercoaster that leads them from extreme highs to extreme lows.

What they need the most is love, because people are always cruel with them showing them that they are never good enough and making use of their kindness. They never expect anything from anyone, because they are sure they won’t get it. However, they keep the positive attitude towards the world no matter how the world treats them. They are incredible beings and I really think that they are angels because they always achieve so much on their own, without accepting anyone’s help.

They possess the ability to heal other people’s hearts and at the same time bring out the best of them. They are totally devoted to achieving their goals and they are so successful – but they can never realize it.

If some of your friends or family members are sensitive don’t put them down or make use of their good-heartedness. Tell them how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for you. Tell them that they mean a lot to you and if they feel down be there for them to lift them up, just like they were there for you.

Just because they never ask anything from anyone, they deserve more than what this world is offering them. They are always here to help us, but very often they are taken for granted just because of this trait. Be grateful for those in your life, and if you are one of those sensitive people, thank you for being so generous. Please don’t let this cruel world change you because the world needs you just the way you are – kind, generous, facing so much pain with a smile. You are truly amazing – believe me.