Remember To Wait, Because God Has Perfect Timing

At the moment you think you need to quit, stop and remember that for like for everything else in life and for your dreams it takes enough time and effort to realize them. You must have faith that one day you will be happy and you will say to yourself – there, I succeeded because i believed in myself and because I was patient while the Lord worked with me to accomplish my dreams.

You have to believe that everything that happens, happens with a reason, because the Lord wants to be so and that we must be strong and patient because He has a special plan for each of us (Jer. 29:11). Do not give up on the path to which you go and do not bend at every problem that comes. You must continue to fight, and to motivate yourself, recall of all the things that you have achieved because you have been persistent and enduring.

Do not reconcile your fate so quickly and so easily, wait and see that everything will turn out as you imagined and as you have hoped. Although you sometimes come to think and reconsider all of your steps, understand where you made a mistake, do you have a plan B that will solve your problems, and you will even think about whether you may have made a mistake if you did not obey the advice from other people.

I know you constantly think that maybe that’s all you deserve in life and that you should accept it because you can lose everything, but keep in mind that every bad decision, mistake, and unrighteousness are foreseen in the plan of the almighty God. Sometimes it seems to you that you are climbing uphill constantly and the goal is very far away, but do not forget that it is your path that you need to walk and each journey has an end.

You need to accept your insufficient success and sorrow that comes to you because of this, because in that way you will become even stronger and more convinced in your strength.

After you have carried all the difficulties during this period, you will emerge stronger, smarter, more clever, and therefore you will enjoy the victory and the benefits that belong to you more than ever. Pay your full attention to what you want to achieve and do not be afraid to firmly pursue your goal despite the many obstacles and problems that you will face throughout the process.

You must not give up and accept that it should be so, because only fighters win and succeed in life. Remember that the Lord has great plans for you and that he considers you a conqueror who will create a new life by following the right path and make sure that he wants you to open new paths and in one way to convince you not to be afraid and to fight for what belongs to you.

If you give up easily what you really want, then there is real evidence that you are a weak and labile person, without perseverance and faith in your dreams. If you fall you can stand up and continue further, but if you give up, it would mean that you are not strong enough fighter and you are not consistent with your beliefs and goals.

Do not let your prayers be in vain and believe that they will one day be fulfilled only if you are sure of what you want and if you are sure in your beliefs

Only God knows when is the right moment your desires to become a reality and no one else. Even if you think at the moment that he does not listen to your prayers, make sure that his silence does not mean a negative answer. Keep in mind that sometimes whatever you do, there can be no result because only the Lord knows when the right moment is to fulfill the prayers.

It is a fact that the whole process of waiting is irritating, but keep in mind that after the rain comes the sun, that after real pain and suffering, the good news is coming. You need to go through sorrow and pain to purify your soul from dirt and be as clean as the Lord imagines.

Some smart anonymous person said:

“There is no oil without squeezing the olives

No wine without pressing the grapes

No fragrance without crushing the flowers And no real joy without sorrow.”

At times, life seems to be tough and unfair to us, but know that only after such difficult times and moments in our life we can really enjoy the success later in life that we will surely meet. Throughout this period in which you will face injustice and pain, believe that you will exit stronger and more self-confident than ever to deal with the challenges of life.

BELIEVE YOURSELF AND BE STRONG – A message to all of you who want to give in and submit to life challenges, because the Lord may act slowly but he is here for you

No matter how big or a little your wish is, do not give up, but work hard and together with God’s help you will succeed. Believe that you have a common goal with God, and that is a bright and good future for you, a future in which you will be shaped by God’s will.

No matter how unrealistic your desire is, do not lose hope and all this agony and sorrow that you feel at the moment is just passing through your life and after that comes a better life for you. Always comfort yourself that even if you do not succeed in something, the Lord helps you by providing you with countless chances to try again and again until you succeed.

When you fail in your intentions, do not think that you are useless and do not be afraid to try again, because only the one who does not give up is successful in life. Everything that the Lord promised you in your dreams he will fulfill, no matter how unattainable it seems in the moment.

Every wrong step you take is just proof that the Lord directs you in the right direction because he thinks it is the right road for you to walk on. Let’s be shaped just as the Lord requires in a righteous and pure person who is free from all the dirt that the modern world brings.

Do not regard as punishment the period as you wait for the fulfillment of your prayers, but for one blessing, because what follows in your life is a lot of beauty, happiness and joy. Perhaps you have taken the long road, but believe that the Lord directs you where you need to go.