Proven That People Absorb Energies From Others

A recent study found out that plants are able to absorb energy from other nearby plants. After this discovery, nothing will ever be the same, because this also suggests that people are able to absorb energy from each other too.

The leader of the study, Dr. Olaf Kruse, was the first scientist who discovered that a green alga (Chlamydomonas reinhardtii) is capable of drawing another form of energy despite the usual produced by photosynthesis. This type of energy comes from the plants that grow around the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. This discovery is so important that it was published in the Nature Communications journal online.

In order to be able to grow and maintain their health, humans need several energies, like calories from food, sunlight, oxygen and minerals found in water. Plants also use food, sunlight, water plus carbon dioxide.

In this study, Kruse together with his team, planted the alga and observed it for a certain period of time, especially when there were no sources of energy left. During this period of time, the algae started to absorb the energy from the other plants growing near. They managed to do this because they are able to generate enzymes that digested the cellulose from the plants nearby.

Professor Kruse claimed that it was the first time that such a behavior had been confirmed in a plant. The discovery that algae are able to digest cellulose is contradictory to every single textbook previously written. In fact, what they have seen in the study had been plant eating plant.

Professor Kruse compared this characteristic to people. He said that that was exactly why there were certain people who felt uncomfortable in particular group of people where different energy and emotions are mixed together.

When the impact and the correlation of this study to studies of humans is concerned, Badar-Lee gave his explanation:

“As energy studies become more and more advanced in the years that are about to come, we will finally see this translated to people too. The human organism is very similar to a plant, it uses the energy needed in order to nourish emotional states and this can give energy to certain cells or increase the level of cortizol and catabolize cells, and this is determined by the emotional trigger.”

Moreover, she is strongly assured that now it’s the right moment to start exploring bioenergy.

“People are able to absorb and heal by using the energy of other people, animals and nature too. That’s the reason why people feel uplifted and energized when they spend time in nature,” she noted.

Here we offer three ways that will help you protect yourself from potential negative energy:

Start Grounding

If you feel exhausted walk barefoot for half an hour or more, or you can also sit on the ground. Earth contains something which can balance energies, so it is a very effective solution.

Cleanse Yourself

You can do this by taking a bath in a sea salt or by using sage stick. Maybe it seems a little unusual but this is an ancient trick and it was proved to be very effective too.

Stay away from negativity

Do everything you can to avoid negative energies, it doesn’t matter where the source of that energy comes from, whether from some people, places or objects, just stay away from them.