People Who Like To Be Alone Have These 6 Special Personality Traits

Being alone and being lonely are two completely different things. Loners prefer to be alone, but they don’t feel as if they are lonely.

Loners are unique type of people because they always choose to be surrounded only by a few closest friends, family members and they want to spend time on their own too often, without feeling lonely.

Actually, when they are alone they feel happy and fulfilled, because this makes them be in touch with themselves. Loners are usually extremely self-aware, and probably this is the main reason why they want to spend a lot of time alone.

Not many people have the opportunity to be extremely close with a loner. They are always very careful when it comes to choosing friends, and they can easily sense a fake one. So what’s the main thing that makes one person to be loner?

Below we offer 5 main characteristics of loners:

Firm boundaries

Loners always establish strong and healthy boundaries. They understand themselves perfectly well. This enables them to set strong values and clear ideas. They are widely aware that they are not alone, because they know that even if they were the last person on Earth, they would have their own company.
Thus, they will have a total respect for their boundaries and they will clearly tell you when they will let you cross them. After all, if you are not faithful to yourself, how could you be faithful to someone else?


Loners never insist on the company of others in the way many other people do. But, the moment they find someone they like and that person becomes their close friend, they turn into the most loyal of friends in the whole world.

They respect themselves and if they find someone who is worthy of being their friend, they will eagerly be with them and nothing can destroy their bond. They are extremely loyal people, no matter if it comes to friends, family or work.


Although they like when they are alone, it does not make them look rigid or closed. Quite the contrary, they are extremely open-minded and they always want to try new activities. Loners don’t spend their lives in one room, limited with the same ideas and beliefs.

They really like it when they explore new activities and ideas, and they always want to try different things in life. But, before surrounding themselves with so many people, they will spend a considerable time alone.


A loner is incredibly strong and stable when things don’t go as they were planned in their life. One of the reasons why they are so strong is their frequent self-reflection while they spend their time alone.

Although they sometimes feel overwhelmed by stressful situations, they decide not to waste their time on destructions and spend some alone time and recharge instead. While they are alone they usually come to a solution to any problem that comes in the way.


While it is easier to try to avoid and ignore your thoughts and emotions, loners still choose to concentrate on them and face up with them. Most of the people are not aware of themselves because this is extremely difficult to be achieved.

Loners look directly in their souls and they know themselves really well. This is why they always understand the people around them. No doubt, everyone experiences some depressive and discouraging thoughts at some point of their lives, but loners are able to control them and use them in order to learn a new lesson through them.