People Who Cry During Movies Are The Strongest People Of All

I’ll be honest with you: I cry during movies… and songs and books. Based on the levels of my hormones, I usually put the tissues next to me and just watch a movie alone.

People often smirk, when they see me crying during the movie, but I don’t mind it. Actually, people who use to cry over movies posses something that many other people don’t – empathy.

Not everyone possesses empathy – only the special persons do. A lot of people out there – sociopaths and narcissists, for instance – are born without it and don’t possess the ability to put themselves in other peoples’ shoes. In other words, they can’t feel what other people feel. Although for some jobs, like car salesman, the lack of empathy can be a good thing, it’s usually not a good thing.

In fact, caring about other people’s feeling requires strength, a lot of strength. Life is hard for some people, and if you posses the ability to empathize and feel their pain and suffering, that says a lot about you.

You possess the strength to withstand the pain and to feel it as if it’s yours. You possess enough strength to be strong for others. You can completely understand them, you know exactly how they feel, and you can withstand that.

There is nothing wrong in caring for someone, no matter if that someone is a fictional character in a movie or book. It means that you have a heart, and that heart is able to break itself for others. Even though it can be broken, until the movie is over, you know it’s been put back together piece by piece.

The ability to get better so quickly, says some other things about the people who cry during movies: these people are brave enough to show their true emotions, strong enough to withstand all the pain and smart enough to separate reality from the fiction.

Certainly, there are other reasons why people cry during movies. You may also cry because it has reminded you of some situations from the past – some painful memories. It is extremely touching when you see people in the movies going through the things you have. These types of movies let you get rid of those negative feelings in a healthier way.

Then, sometimes you cry only because you feel overwhelmed with the artistic genius of a movie. That type of artistic genius cannot be seen every day, so it’s normal for the normal people to be moved. It is known as Stendhal Syndrome in a more advanced form, and it indicates that a work of art has moved you so much that you show both physical and emotional symptoms.

Some movies even make it so hard to come back to the reality.

For people who appreciate good pieces of art, watching an excellent movie, listening to an incredible song or reading a quality book can be a real test of their ability to keep a straight face. Some movies, songs or books take you to a real rollercoaster emotional ride: you can cry, laugh feel excited all at the same time.

In my opinion, it requires a lot of strength to withstand all that.

Maybe it’s not the type of strength the most people expect from a strong person, but it’s one of the most important emotional strengths: empathy.

Even though we aren’t able to lift 100 pounds, we are still discovering our emotions, and that’s something that can lift us higher than anything else in the world.