People Are Capable Of Super Human Abilities Using These Ancient Techniques!

Have you ever fantasized about being in more than one place at the same time? Yes, I am talking about those super-human gifts that you can get if you follow the practice confirmed by NASA and known as “sun-gazing”.

Many promoters of this old technique, which was practiced by so many cultures like Egyptian, Mayan, Tibetian, Indian and Aztec, claim that it not only has the ability to heal many illnesses, but it also obtains some super-human abilities like superior telepathy and living without the need for food.


Sun gazing (also called sun-eating) is a practice that requires gradual introduction of sunlight into your eyes in the time of the day (on sunrise and sunset) when the UV-index is the lowest. The people who give lessons for this practice claim that there are a few rules for this practice. First of all, it needs to be done during sunrise or sunset, in order to prevent the eyes for a potential damage. Second, you have to be barefoot, touching the earth –sand, mud or dirt. Third, you have to begin with ten seconds and increase the time by ten seconds each day you practice. Respect these rules and be safe, say sun-gazing teachers.

Nikola Dolgoruky from Ukraine considers himself to be “sun-gazer”. He claims to have been practicing sun-gazing for more than 12 years and is able to survive only by using solar energy. Other people have reported that they totally lost the need for food after approximately 9 months of sun-gazing (and the time of practice was exactly 44 minutes every day). After you’ve practiced it for 9 months, you need to remain barefoot on earth for approximately 45 minutes every day, 6 days one after another, to maintain the effect of sun-gazing.

The first man in the modern era who claimed to practice sun-gazing was Hira Ratan Manek. He submitted himself to NASA and was observed 24/7 for 100 days. After 100 days NASA reported that this man was really able to survive mainly on light, occasionally drinking a few sips of water and buttermilk.


People who have tried this technique claim that in 3 months of practice, the energy from the sun moves through the eyes and charge the tract of the hypothalamus. After a certain period of time, the energy supply that the retina receives activates the brain.
You will feel how the mental tensions and worries disappear, because most of the negative energy we experience is fueled by the food we consume. The food we consume gets its energy from the sun, so the sun-eaters can receive this energy without the necessity of digestion. Although you probably won’t feel hungry, you should still keep eating regularly in the first months of practice.

Another advantage, which can be felt as early as 3 months of practice, is the disappearance of tension, which results in the ability to solve any problem easily. Everyone, who has practiced sun-gazing, reports that worries and tensions go completely away and only the peaceful and positive energy remains. After 3 months, you can freely increase the gazing to 15 minutes every day.

All the people who practiced this technique say that all the bad qualities related to people gradually disappear and good qualities stay. This is so because according to the “sun-eaters” all the bad qualities are developed when there is a lack of sunlight. All the bad qualities such as jealousy, anger, fear and lust are believed to disappear substituted by other emotions that purify the heart.

The studies have shown that after 3-6 months of gazing, all the physical diseases begin to disappear. It is said that when you reach the point where you gaze for 30 minutes (adding 10 seconds more every day), the brain will have absorbed all the colors from the sun. Some therapists heal some diseases by flooding the body and mind with a certain color that is lacking – depend. For instance, when a patient suffers from liver disease, it means that there is a lack of green color. The kidneys require red and the heart yellow. All the organs and systems are believed to react to certain color of the rainbow. That’s why the nutritionists recommend eating food rich in a variety of colors. That’s how the consumption of the sun works, providing the body and mind to all the colors needed.

As you keep practicing this technique, after six months, all the energy which was stored in your body and mind will completely heal your body and you will finally be able to use this technique for gaining more super-human abilities.


After 7 months of gazing, now for 35 minutes, all the food cravings totally disappear. As “sun-gazing” experts claim, at this point the body doesn’t need food in order to function properly; it only needs the energy from the sun. Although this statement seems unbelievable, it still sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Some experts have confirmed that after nine months, the body is no longer capable of feeling the taste and smell of food and all food cravings become past.

The people who managed to reach this level say that they can feel some change in the way their brain works; it feels as if it is “fully charged”. After you reach this level of 9 months, gazing for 44 minutes, expert’s advice is to stop sun-gazing, and focus your attention to the Earth.

For a period of 6 days, you should walk barefoot on the earth, for no more than 45 minutes every day. This will activate all the glands since each toe is linked to a certain gland.

It is believed that when you walk barefoot and the sun falls on your head, an incredible magnetic field is created around your whole body and your brain too.

Obviously the part where you have to walk barefoot is extremely important part of this practice. The magic begins the moment you start walking on the Earth. The glands become more and more activated during this walking procedure. It is also believed that your IQ level increases together with your memory capacity. The glands have navigational and psychic abilities, which indicates that it can enable the possibility of flight and improve the telepathy. Now we’re talking! This is for everyone who fantasizes of being able to possess super-powers. Well, now you have the magical key for your desire – it’s called “sun-gazing”.

If you are able to walk 45 minutes barefoot for a whole year, then you are golden. By then, in order to maintain the super-powers that you have acquired, you should only walk for 3-4 days a week.


According to doctors it is not advisable to look directly in the sun because later on you may suffer from eye-damage. But, if you follow the rules by the “sun-gazing” experts, mentioned above, there is no danger of damaging the eyes. Just in case, after 2-3 months of practicing, you can go to the doctor and check your eyes in order to be sure that you are doing the technique properly.


Don’t forget, the first day you should gaze for only 10 seconds, whether on sunrise or sunset – it’s your choice. Then you add 10 seconds each and every day. After nine months of gazing (or 44 minutes to be precise) you should finish with the gazing and start walking barefoot for 6 days and 45 minutes each day. After you reach this level, it won’t be a problem for you to maintain what you’ve achieved by walking barefoot one hour every day.

So if you really want to possess superpowers, trying this technique is not a bad idea at all, is it?