Parents of unsuccessful kids have these 6 things in common

Parents probably have one of the biggest responsibilities in the world.

Before the child grows up and becomes an independent adult, the parents have to make sure that it will become a functional member of society.

There are many aspects of rearing a child; two of the most important are social development and academic advancement.

It’s not easy to choose the most helpful techniques and avoid those who may be harmful; this is especially true if you are using the same techniques your parents used upon you.

In this article you will read some of the most common parenting techniques that often lead to problematic behavior:

Hitting Your Child

This technique is usually practiced at home or at some schools, and is used by the parents as a means of teaching a lesson or making the child obedient and disciplined.

Most people think that hitting as a punishment is a really old discipline technique and is totally irrelevant in the modern world. However, some households still tend to use this technique.

If you use corporal punishment as a technique to discipline your child then you are making enormous mistake because instead of reflecting on their own mistakes, you make your children just to be afraid of the consequences.

Discouraging arguments

Some parents believe that the only way to stop the rebellious behavior of their child is by completely taking away the child’s voice and freedom.

By reinforcing their authority, some parents are convinced that they will make the child be more accepting and obedient.

However, these gestures of forbidding the child to answer back will lead to tension in the family. What is more, children who are not allowed to argue with their parents will grow into unconfident individual without a sense of autonomy.

Instead of prohibiting their participation, you should encourage a polite conversation and listen to what your child has to say.

Let Your Children Use Too Much Electronics

Children are left in front of the TVs or computers from an early age. Some parents even go to such extremes that they let their children watch YouTube videos all day long and they completely substitute actual interaction with electronics.

Even if you make sure that the children are not exposed to any adult content, gazing at the screen for such a long time can lead to serious consequence on their maturity.

It is scientifically proven that toddlers who get used to watching videos have shorter concentration and learning is harder for them compared to those toddlers who interact with people all the time.

They can become incapable of focusing and will be almost unable to learn to speak. Motor skills and socializations are also highly affected by this.

If the child doesn’t have a frequent interaction, it can also develop anxiety when it has a close encounter with real people.

Cursing And Yelling At Your Children

Sometimes children can be annoying, rude and demanding to deal with. But their behavior cannot be your excuse to throw curses at them.

Emotional abuse can be even more harmful than physical abuse. When they are very young, children may develop problems with self-confidence and trust, which may cause clinical depression if not treated right away.

Furthermore, children who live in a hostile environment will eventually start to believe that anger and hatred are normal human reactions. This may lead to greater problems such as manifesting that type of behavior in the adulthood.

Over Controlling Your Children

When you become a parent it’s so obvious that you are worried most of the time about your child because you only wish the best for them.

Worrying too much can lead to obsession, and that’s where all the problems begin both for the parents and their children too.

If the parents are too controlling then the child may become insecure and dependent, not only as a child but as an adult too.

The best way to get rid of the need to control your children is to start trusting them and trusting yourself well enough to be sure that you have raised them right.

Withholding Your Affection

There are a few ways that parents withhold their affection and they are not even aware of it. For example, you are withholding your affection when you are manifesting absolute hatred by practicing physical and emotional abuse.

Another example would be threatening that if the child misbehaves again, the parents won’t love him/her anymore.

Parents who practice these techniques make more harm than good because it leads to developing trust issues which may cause some social deficiencies in the adulthood.

One main characteristic of a good parent is the awareness when he/she is being bad. Parents need to learn from their kids as much as the kids learn from them. If you open your mind and prepare yourself to learn and grow as an individual you will turn into a loving individual in the presence of you children.