10 Basic Principles To Overcome Your Depression Once And For All!

Depression is an awful condition to live with.

As some of my readers may already know, I suffered from depression when I was young and I regularly thought of committing suicide, because my mind started deceiving me that there is no other way out.

Luckily, it didn’t come to that. But for so many people who aren’t shown a better way, it does.

For that reason I decided to write this article. I still haven’t forgotten my struggle, and if I am able to help someone defeat depression in a natural way, then I am honored and happy to do so.


Most of the people in this world are born as victims. I was also born in a chaotic world and the first thing I remember from my childhood was aggression and violence. I was left with a lot of consequences, one that almost killed me.

We all know that this is not fair, that nobody chooses to be born into that chaos. But what can we do? It’s pointless to cry over spilt milk, we just need to find a way and clean it up, find a solution and move on. And we can always find a solution.

It’s pointless to be obsessed over our pain and suffering, to make excuses, or to expect sympathy from the people around us. This won’t change anything; it will only prolong our pain and suffering. Change can start the moment we accept the fact that we have to face up with our pain, deal with it and discover a way to defeat it, because the problem lays inside of us. We need to find a way to overcome it on our own!


While I was growing up I used everything that I possibly could in order to distract myself from the depression, anxiety and pain. This included: television, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, social media, intimate relationships etc. But this only worsened my situation, because running from your problems is the worst thing you can do.

Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs make us think that they help us, but that’s only temporal, until we realize that we feel even worse.

The same goes with television and social network, they only distract us from the real world and waste our time which can be used for doing something healthier – like working on self-improvement.

Being involved in an intimate relationship also won’t solve the problem, because first we need to learn how to make ourselves happy and stop expecting someone else to do it for us.

Below I offer a list of all the positive things that you should do in order to stop fueling your depression. And remember, you have no right to complain about your depression if you are not doing your best to overcome it!


Exercising is an excellent way of getting rid of depression, anxiety, stress and pain. From my personal experience, I can say that exercising was one of the main things that helped me change my life.

Exercising improves our health in a way that it triggers the production of dopamine and serotonin in our brain, which help us in dealing with stress and pain.

Exercising also helps in the growth of new brain cells which is extremely important factor in overcoming depression because in this way we can rewire our brain, and that’s exactly what we want to do!


Did you know that with everything we eat and drink we either feed a disease or fight it? It’s our choice. When I suffered from depression I fed the disease with alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, unhealthy food etc. But my life changed the moment I decided to replace all the bad habits with healthy food and eventually to become Vegan.

Few people know that the food we eat is made out of genetics, and those genetics influence our genetics. So, replace all the genetically modified food with as many raw, natural vegetables and fruits as you possibly can.

Other thing that is also important to be noticed is that majority of our serotonin is in fact produced in our stomachs. So, imagine that when you eat junk food you eat darkness, you feel your inner self with darkness, and the healthy food is the light that your body needs to function properly.

Thus, make the healthy nutrition a priority and replace the darkness inside with light, a lot of light!


From my personal experience I know that if it wasn’t for the books I’ve read, I would have never found the right way to overcome my depression. So remember that there is a book for every question you have or any difficulty you experience. Try to use your precious time in enriching your mind with knowledge and solutions to your problems instead of wasting it on watching useless TV shows or taking selfies and posting them on social networks.


Remember that the voices you are surrounded with turn into the voices that live inside of you. The voices you have grown up with are the voices that speak inside your mind and they are responsible for your mental health. So practice listening to motivational speeches at least once in a few days so that the voice that speaks inside you head becomes a motivational speaker and not a pessimist, skeptic and intruder who is trying to ruin your life!


This is also connected with the voice in your head. The people we are surrounded with greatly influence our inner voice. So make everything that you possibly can to avoid toxic people and toxic places.


It doesn’t have to be a traditional meditation. Meditation also includes spending time in nature, taking your dog for a walk, listening to a music that can calm you down. This will help you build a healthy relationship with yourself, realize what makes you feel depressed and at the end truly free yourself from it.


It’s in our human nature to enjoy when someone shares kindness, compassion and empathy with us. That’s something that feeds our souls.

Everything we see on the social media and in the world around us is full of cruelty, sadness, guilt, shame. So stop reading all those stupid stories on the internet and start feeding your soul with what it really needs.

I suggest volunteering at some local homeless or animal shelter, fill your heart with kindness, start doing what your heart is telling you to do, give your life a purpose and contribute to the society – that’s something you really need.


Self reflection is one of the most important things when we want to fight depression. We need to ask ourselves: What are the things that caused this pain, this suffering and this depression? The only way to be happy is to get to know with ourselves, dive deeply in our minds. We have to be sincere in front of ourselves, admit everything. That’s the only way we can heal.


Everything that I wrote above has to be developed into a daily and weekly routine, and later on this routine has to be developed into a part of your daily life.

Don’t forget to exercise every day, to eat healthy food every day, to read appropriate books, to meditate regularly, to listen to motivational speeches regularly, to avoid toxic people and places and to feed your soul. This needs practice; I needed many years to achieve it, and failed so many times. But the most important thing is not to give up and to do anything possible to become the best version of you.

My advice is to write down your routine. For instance, I used to write down everything I plan to do from Monday to Sunday and then follow that routine daily and make small changes to it if needed.