Oldest Man in Australia Spends His Time Knitting Tiny Sweaters for Rescued Penguins

The Phillip Island’s Penguin Foundation made a plea to all knitting aficionados to make and donate small sweaters for the little penguins they are trying to save. The receptionist at the Foundation told ABC News that they can rehabilitate about twenty oil-affected penguins a year by making them wear sweaters.

Alfie was considered to be one of the oldest men living in Australia. When he arrived at his new home, village for the elderly, he was asked if he could put his well-known knitting skills to good use. Around that time in March 2014, Phillip Island’s Penguin Foundation requested the help of knitters around the world to make sweaters for penguins who had fallen victim to an oil spill. So naturally, Alfie signed up!

Sweaters are vital in the rescue of penguins affected by oil spills. A patch of oil the size of a thumbnail can cause their feathers separate and get matted together, allowing the cold to reach their otherwise protected skin. Penguins who are covered with oil will instinctively try and clean themselves by picking at their feathers with their beaks, this causes them to ingest oil which can damage their digestive system. Placing sweaters on rescued penguins prevents them from ingesting any oil while preening and keeps them nice and warm.
Alfie is one truly inspiring men.

Though there is no longer a need for knitted penguin sweaters, there are plenty of ways to help the Penguin Foundation.