Nice Guys Aren’t Good Men — Know the Difference

“Only because you are being nice, it doesn’t make you a good man.”― Zyanya Torres.

So are you a nice guy or a good man?

Yes, you are probably scratching your beard now and wonder what the point in the question above is. If that’s what you are doing at this moment, then this article is for you.

Maybe it sounds a little bit strange, but there is a difference between a nice guy and a good man.

  • A nice guy tends to do nice things and would expect the same thing in return. He would take his woman on an unforgettable date, but after that, he would be expecting from her to do the same for him.
  • A good man wouldn’t expect anything in return. He does everything for his lady because he is good by nature and his goodness comes from within. He doesn’t think that people should behave like him.


  • The nice guy considers public image to be one of the most important things in his life. He does everything that would improve his image. He wants to be loved and accepted by everyone.
  • A good man is only aware of his personality. He is at peace as long as people value his personality.


  • The nice guy determines his boundaries according to his needs.
  • The good man has determined his boundaries a long time ago and he sticks to them. That’s why everyone respects him.


  • A nice guy would give millions compliments to his lady and would make her believe that he can’t live without her – she will be the center of his own world.
  • A good man values true love deeply and knows that if you are in a romantic relationship with a person, it doesn’t indicate that you should neglect your interests, friends or work. He will love her, she will get the attention needed but he will also continue living like he lived before he met her, never giving up of his interests and hobbies.


  • For a nice guy rejection is one of the scariest things he could experience. He is always looking for approvals from others.
  • The good man is aware of his self-worth. For him acceptance and rejection are in the same light.


  • The nice guy never takes responsibility for his actions and he always blames someone else if something negative happens in his life.
  • The good man never blames others for his own mistakes. He is not only responsible for his actions but he is also responsible for others.


  • A nice guy always says something that the other people want to hear, but a good man expresses his own opinions no matter if other people accept them or not.
  • A nice guy will neither apologize nor forgive, while the good man would do both.


  • The nice guy loves shortcuts and tends to avoid struggles.
  • The good man knows that hard work is extremely important, and he doesn’t mind going through any hardship.


  • A nice guy would present himself as Prince Charming in front of his lady love and will promise her fairy tales that he has no clue of how to fulfill them.
  • The good man will never promise something that he is not able to fulfill.


  • A nice guy will never say anything that would hurt his love. Maybe this sounds nice but we all have some flaws and someone has to open our eyes so that we can become better people.
  • A good man knows about this and he will be open and honest with you no matter what.


  • A nice guy will behave like a hero who is always there to save his lady from troubles, but when she really needs him, he will run away.
  • The good man doesn’t pretend to be a hero, he is one. He is always these when his woman needs him the most.


  • The nice guy lacks leadership. He is always controlled by other people’s views.
  • The good man, on the other hand, never loses control over his life, and he is aware that he is the father of his own fate.

If you are a good man who is reading this article, then remember that this world needs you!

And if you are a woman who has a good man in her life, don’t ever let him go! These people aren’t easily found but it’s easy to keep them.