Find Your Native American Zodiac Symbol & Its Meaning!

Native Americans believed that you are assigned to a particular animal depending on the time of your birth. The Native American Zodiac Symbols include more or less all the animals that you can think of and they are the symbols of various Native American tribes.

If you want to discover your symbol, then continue reading.

The Otter (January 20th – February 18th)

The Otter looks at things in their own special way. They are very creative and intelligent. They have a highly developed intuition, that’s why they always trust it and rely on it. They can be excellent friends because they are very understanding, faithful, brave and honest. They are attentive listeners too.

  • Personality Characteristics: Sociable and Independent
  • Compatible Signs: With Falcon, Deer and Raven
  • Color: Silver
  • Best Day: Saturday

The Wolf (February 19th – March 20th)

The Wolf people are led by their emotions and passion. The Native American Zodiac considers the symbol of Wolf to be the lover. They always follow their heart, no matter what they do. The best thing that they do is spreading love everywhere they go. They are very gentle, loving and kind-hearted people.

  • Personality Characteristics: Kind and Gentle
  • Compatible signs: Brown Bear, Woodpecker and Snake
  • Color: Blue-green
  • Best day: Thursday

The Falcon (March 21st – April 19th)

The Falcon is quick-witted and a born leader. They are efficacious even when they are under the biggest pressure. They are practical, never late and don’t miss their target. They never miss opportunities and always fit in any team sport.

  • Personality Characteristics: Spontaneous and Influential
  • Compatible Signs: Salmon and Owl
  • Color: Green and Yellow
  • Best Day: Tuesday

The Beaver (April 20th – May 20th)

The Beaver loves when he takes the matter in his own hands but he is also very flexible when it’s necessary. They are able to get used to any situation very easily. They are very responsible so they can do any work with maximum competency. When it comes to business or earning money, they can be quite strategic and cunning too. They can also be clever, kind, empathetic, caring and faithful.

  • Personality Characteristics: Logical and Determined
  • Compatible Signs: Brown Bear, Goose and Woodpecker
  • Color: Blue and Yellow
  • Best Day: Friday

The Deer (May 21st – June 20th)

The Deer people are imaginative, inspirational and clever. They possess excellent sense of humor and can make everyone laugh. It seems like they know everything and you can converse with them about anything that’s under the sky. The combination of an excellent sense of humor and the ability to converse makes them be the life and soul of the party.

  • Personality Characteristics: Smart and Great Communicator
  • Compatible Signs: Raven and Otter
  • Color: Blue and Yellow
  • Best Day: Wednesday

The Woodpecker (June 21st – July 21st)

The Woodpecker is an excellent listener, helpful, sympathetic, and kindhearted. If you look for a support, this is the sign you should turn to. They can be gorgeous partners, amazing parents and good friends. They are also very loving, caring and committed too.

  • Personality Characteristics: Protecting and Understanding
  • Compatible Signs: Snake, Beaver and Wolf
  • Color: Pink
  • Best Day: Monday

The Salmon (July 22nd – August 21st)

The Salmon people are very imaginative, incredibly energetic, intuitive, self-confident and focused. They can be excellent motivators because their enthusiasm and self-confidence is unbelievably transmittable. Their generous nature, intelligence and intuition have brought many true friends in their life.

  • Personality Characteristics: Self-Confident and Proud
  • Compatible Signs: Owl and Falcon
  • Color: Red
  • Best Day: Saturday

The Brown Bear (August 22nd – September 21st)

The Bears are extremely realistic and logical. They also have enormous heart and are very generous by nature. Sometimes they are very shy and modest, but if you show your love they will shower you with their kindness. They are extremely patient so they would make excellent teachers or mentors.

  • Personality Characteristic: Modest and Down-to-Earth
  • Compatible With: Goose and Beaver
  • Color: Brown and Purple
  • Best Day: Wednesday

The Raven (September 22nd – October 22nd)

They are born to be entrepreneurs because they are highly enthusiastic and charming. Their positive and assuring energy makes everybody rely on them. At the same time they can be calculative and idealistic too. Sometimes they can be very relaxed, romantic and soft-spoken. As partners they tend to be intuitive and patient.

  • Personality Characteristics: Sociable and Attractive
  • Compatible Signs: Otter and Deer
  • Color: Brown and Blue
  • Best Day: Friday

The Snake (October 23rd – November 22nd)

The snakes are so spiritually developed that they are tied and in tune with the whole spirit world. They possess incredible healing capabilities, so they would shine in medical professions. They possess two personality sides the first is secretive and dark and the second is caring and sensitive.

  • Personality Characteristics: Impulsive and Determined
  • Compatible Signs: Wolf and Woodpecker
  • Color: Violet and Orange
  • Best Day: Tuesday

The Owl (November 23rd – December 21st)

They are natural, relaxed, highly adaptive, sociable and warm persons. What characterize this sign is their enthusiasm and passion for life and their desire for adventure and living life to the fullest. They can be great environmentalists, great artists and teachers. In fact, they can excel in any field they choose to operate because they are highly adaptable and flexible. Some other qualities include insightful nature, attentive listener and extremely high enthusiasm.

  • Personality Characteristics: Adventurous and Independent
  • Compatible Signs: Falcon and Salmon
  • Color: Gold and Black
  • Best Day: Thursday

The Goose (December 22nd – January 19th)

They successfully complete all their tasks thanks to their determination and ambitious nature. They are the greatest hard-workers from all the other signs so they always achieve their life goals without any problem. They are highly motivated so they can succeed with business or in some competitive sports. In a relationship they are sensual, romantic and passionate too.

  • Personality Characteristics: Trustworthy and Serious
  • Compatible signs: Brown Bear, Raven and Beaver
  • Color: White and Silver
  • Best Day: Saturday

So, what’s your symbol? Do you find similarity in the personality characteristics of your sign?