What is Narcissist Smear Campaign? And How You Can Handle It?

The smear campaign of a person with extreme selfishness can appear very convincing to others. Since, all through your relationship you have maintained silence on your part about the problems you were facing, no one has realized or ever thought about your problems at all.  That is why, when yourex-narcissist partner will start to talk anything negative about you, with feelings of hurt and strong convictions, others will eventually start to believe what they hear about you without judging you.

The people with narcissistic qualities are masters in manipulating others. They can easily convince others of their false tears and sad eyes.

The smear campaign can be even more dangerous if one of the partners share the same friends, co-workers or they have children of their own. What is more devastating is that you will lose people who are important to you-people you need at the time of your recovery from the narcissistic abuse, or people whom you would be able to reach for in hard times for some comfort. You would gradually find that all your near and dear ones are swallowing every bit of the poison that is being offered to them by your narcissist partner.

So, how can you stop these narcissist smear campaigns of your partner?

Basically, you want to rectify the prevailing situations by correcting the wrongs that are done to you, and by proving yourself right. But, the best way to deal such situations is by not reacting in any way at all to the smear of your narcissist partner. Maybe your narcissist partner is expecting such a reaction from you- your reactions, whether positive or negative, are providing a feast to them. Until you stop feeding these beasts (your narcissist partner), you can never free yourself from the cobweb of the narcissistic abuse, so, never let their false allegations to be true. Be calm and quiet in their smear campaign.

By not outwardly defending yourself against the narcissist’s smear campaign you will just end up letting them dig their own holes.

A narcissist’s smear campaign is a devious way to destroy one’s credibility and reputation. When you want to defend yourself against the smear campaign of your narcissist partner, you just prove the narcissist’s points that you are

  • Crazy
  • Bitter
  • Jealous
  • And you still love your (narcissist) partner.

You can use your silence as a weapon against your narcissist partner. By using this weapon you can create a plausible deniability in the situation.

The Smear Campaign-use it as a badge of honor! Don’t let the narcissist bring you down. Believe in the truth and believe in yourself that you are also beautiful, courageous, and strong. If you trust yourself then you don’t have to depend on others or your narcissist partner to gain their trust. Smear campaigners carefully and beautifully use lies, exaggerations, suspicious, and false accusations to destroy and demolish your reputation and credibility.

The only way to defend yourself against the narcissist’s attack is by maintaining silence. They always expect a reaction from you, and by not showing any reaction to their smear campaign you are actually making them confused and at the same time proving them wrong. If you rise above their nasty and vicious lies and continue your life in a healthy and happy way, you will create doubt in the mind of an outsider. The outsider will not be able to relate the story told by the narcissist and the actual story they have watched. It will be both beneficial and trustworthy on your part.

You have to go with this reality that the narcissist never has any good things to say about you in your absence. As it the first and foremost quality of a narcissist. The reason behind this is that the narcissist can never tolerate the fact that they are being questioned, refused, or mistreated by anyone. They are likely to punish those who dare to have an opinion which differs from theirs. A narcissist can outburst their narcissist rage if questioned instead of receiving compliance with their demand. And they use their smear campaigning weapon against their victim.

Doing nothing and by staying silent you can only stop fuelling the narcissist rage. By doing nothing or by not reacting you can also maintain your dignity and integrity which a narcissist is trying to hamper. Moreover, by not responding to the narcissist you can break their false statement that they have used against you. They will eventually lose all power and control over you.

Just as the narcissist is silently using his or her smear campaign against you, you can also reply back by using the same trick. The narcissist will surely unmask themselves and their original cruel and villainous look will suddenly appear in front of others.

This will act positively on your part. And gradually you can regain all your lost pride and glory. After all, you are standing very clearly to yourself and others. And all other opinions will be meaningless to you.

In reality, you cannot change a narcissist person from rolling out the smear campaign. Moreover, nothing can be done about the people who are listening and believing the lies that your narcissist partner is spreading.

The only remedy for this is to weed out these toxic people from your life. Every person you lose who believe in the lies said by the narcissist, are necessary losses for you as they are no more needed in shaping and designing your beautiful life. Those who are firm in their knowledge about you are the true gold in your life. They are the keepers, the joy-bringers in your life.

All you have to do is to stay silent and continue your life in a normal way. You have to spend time with your family and friends. By having fun and enjoying with them you can really unmask the narcissist and the outsiders will begin to see the narcissist in their original look.