Man Takes Wife To Meet Gorilla He Raised. Gorilla’s Reaction Is Amazing!

Her husband takes her to meet the gorilla he was keeping for years and the reaction of the gorilla will melt your hearts.

Damian Aspinall the founder of The Asoinall Foundation was very excited to introduce his wife Victoria to two gorillas he looked after for many years, called Djalta and Ima. This is the first time in her life that Victoria has an encounter with gorillas. They have been searching for the gorillas for hours but they couldn’t find them anywhere. Their last hope was the drone which eventually managed to locate the gorillas on the other side of the river.

After they located the gorillas Damian Aspinall and his wife Victoria proceeded to go and see the gorillas which haven’t been with people for more than four years. After spending some time with the gorillas just to make sure they are relaxed and not hostile, he called Victoria to introduce her to the gorillas. Victoria carefully comes out of the boat and slowly gets close to the gorillas. Damian was hoping that he will hear that friendly sign from them which means that they accept Victoria.

Incredibly, one of the gorillas comes closer to Damian, making the sound that he was expecting from them. The vocalizations made by the gorilla seemed to be a sign of friendliness, saying that he would like to meet new friends. Then, Damian allows Victoria to come closer to the gorilla and to sit next to Damian, just a few inches away from the gorilla.

After giving the friendly sign to Damien, the gorilla made the same vocalization to Victoria. The vocalization is described by Damien as “a very friendly gurgle.”

After this heartfelt reunion, the group had to call it a day and was eager to come back the next day and spend a little more time with the gorillas.

The following day Damian said that he knew that something wonderful is going to happen. The moment when Victoria and Damian set down, the gorilla came close to them. It seemed like the gorilla was captivated by Victoria. He wanted to pet him, hug him and even hold him. With one word he absolutely loved her! As Victoria hangs out with the gorilla, something absolutely amazing happens.

Watch the heart-melting video below to see what happens when the gorilla falls completely in love with Victoria.