Law of Attraction: What Is the Vibration of Receiving

The vibration of receiving is quite different from the vibration of asking, and this is a super important distinction to understand about the Law of Attraction!

And here’s why this distinction is important: With the Law of Attraction you will attract whatever vibration you put off. If you want to attract something into your possession, you’ve got to be in the vibration of receiving in order to get it.

That being said, many people are stuck in the vibration of asking, unaware that there’s a difference between asking and receiving. So today, I’d like to clarify the difference.

The vibration of asking:

When we ask, we are first and foremost coming from a place of “not having” what we want. For example: “I don’t have as much money as I want, so I’m going to ask my boss for a raise.”

When we ask, we are somewhat hesitant that we will receive what we want. After all, if we knew a stream of money was headed our way in the near future, we probably wouldn’t worry to much about asking for a raise, would we?

Now, this is not universally the case. Some people genuinely believe that when they ask they will receive, but in these cases the asking is more a formality/social norm than a true vibrational state of asking.

To explain this, I think of my children. They often ask from a place of certainty. They know if they act cute and persuasive they’ve got a good shot at getting what they want. So, while they may be asking, the asking is just an act.

They know they are likely to get what they want, the asking is frequently just a formality.Often, though, when it comes to the Law of Attraction, we don’t take this “formality” approach to asking. No indeed. Instead of asking and knowing it’s on it’s way, we ask repeatedly to the point of begging.

Begging is a high state of asking, not receiving

We pray to God over and over again. We write out our desire day by day in our manifesting journal. Or perhaps, we create dozens of vision boards in the hopes it will finally make our dream materialize.

And begging from this place, my friends, is the furthest state possible from the vibration of receiving. Why? Because repeatedly asking from a place of lack means we are VERY focused on not having what we want.

And when we are very focused on the fact we don’t have what we want, the universe matches us. We notice we don’t have it, and the universe doesn’t give it to us to match the lack we are so aware of.

The vibration of receiving:

Now, the vibration of receiving is different from the vibration of asking. While the vibration of asking comes from a place of lack, the vibration of receiving always comes from a place of having.

Some people get confused on this distinction. After all, how are you supposed to feel like you have something you’ve never had before?

However, the vibration of receiving is much easier to achieve than we often think it is.

The state of having isn’t a state unique to each specific thing you want to have, and this is an important point of clarity. The vibration of receiving is a general state that applies to all things wanted.

Think about it, if you were to receive the thing you wanted you would feel good, happy and uplifted. That is the vibrational state of getting what you want, and it’s really the only state you need cultivate in order to receive good things into your life (regardless of what they are).

In other words

If having it would make you feel good, then feeling good is the vibration of receiving it.

When we are in the vibration of receiving, we are in a state of awareness that we are complete as we are. We feel good, we feel abundant, we feel things are going our way. Regardless of what may or may not be in our possession, we feel good about where we are. We are 100% focused on how good life is, and not at all concerned with what is lacking.

When we cultivate the state of knowing “all is well,” we become the recipients of all kinds of gifts from the universe. Knowing that all is well and feeling good about where we are allows a multitude of good fortunes to flow.

Getting into the vibration of receiving

So if you’ve been trying to cultivate the right “vibration” to attract what you want, make sure you are keeping it simple.

You don’t have to do spiritual gymnastics. You don’t have to turn cartwheels to create a very specific and unique state of being. Most certainly, you do not need to ask repeatedly day by day.

All you have to do is get into the vibration of receiving. This vibration is characterized by feeling good. Period.

Now, if you don’t believe me, that’s ok. You don’t have to take my word for this. Instead, just start to notice what happens when you ARE in the state of receiving.

When you’re feeling good, notice that good things start to flow your way faster and faster. Little things and big things, important things and not so important things.