Keanu Reeves – Message To The World.

Keanu Charles Reeves is a famous Canadian actor, musician and producer. He became popular after he performed a starring role in several blockbuster movies including a few comedies too. Besides his acting career, Keanu Reeves is also famous for his wisdom. It’s something that you rarely find in celebrities.

Once in a while, he gives the world the gift of his wise thoughts. This article offers some of his thoughts that should be read by everyone because they contain some incredibly useful life lessons.

So here is what he has to say about the world we all live in:

“I deny being part of the world where wives are dressed like prostitutes and show everything that needs to be cherished. Where people know nothing about the concept of dignity and honor, and a person can rely on those only if they say “I give you my word”.

I deny being part of the world where men don’t plan on starting a family and women don’t plan on having children. Where suckers sit in their fathers’ cars and think that they are successful. And their fathers, who possess some power, look down on you and try to prove to you that you are absolutely nobody.

I deny being part of the world where people hold a shot of alcohol in their hands and falsely claim that they believe in God – when they actually haven’t even tried to understand their religion. Where the concept of jealousy is believed to be shameful and modest people are considered to be weak. Where people not even remember anymore what true love is and they simply look for the best partner.

I don’t want to be part of a world where people try to repair every single rustle of their car – spearing neither time nor money, and themselves, they look so miserable that just an expensive car can cover it. Where boys spend all their parents’ money in clubs, aping under the primitive sounds of the music and girls watching them and falling in love with them for this. Where you can’t tell the difference between a man and a woman and all that together is known as freedom of choice, but those people who decide to take a different path are labeled as retarded despots.”

“I’ve chosen my path, but I am so sorry that I did not encounter similar understanding with people among whom I hoped to find it the most of all…”