KARMA: The Law of Action & Reaction – Cause & Effect

Karma is the sum of every thought process, decision made and action taken by an individual. Simply put, Karma is: you reap what you sow, what goes around comes around, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and what you create for others lives in your life.

The Law of Karma teaches that all our thoughts, words and actions begin a change of cause and effect (as ripples on the water) and that we will, at some time, experience the effects of everything we cause.

Karma is the very principle that makes each individual the cause of his/her:

  • Gender
  • Relatives
  • Geographic Location
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Lifestyle
  • Intelligence (or lack thereof)
  • Physical Body (health and stature)

I have often thought of Karma as the building blocks or the stairway to heaven. When all your blocks are in order and clear the stairway opens and you are on your way.

Karma is recorded in the Akashic Records (Sanskrit AKASHA “primary substance”, that out of which all things are formed) in the form of minute picture images that are taken by the Mental-Reflecting-Ether. (The Mental-Reflecting-Ether is an ethereal energy extending from the Mental Plane to the Physical Body,)

These pictures are filed in the Mental Plane and a temporary replica of each is stored in the Heart Center. When the Karma becomes “ripe” (Ripe Karma represents those things one experiences in the present incarnation, from moment to moment, that result from one’s thought and action during past incarnations) it is released in doses that are manageable and can be handled by the individual. These images are distributed to the Cerebrospinal Nervous System (see note #1 at bottom) and the bloodstream. As they flow throughout the bloodstream they release the Karma which, in turn, determines the pattern of the body’s condition and the individual’s lifestyle.


indicates that if an individual dies harboring suppressed feelings of resentment, anger, fear or hate those emotions will be carried over into subsequent lifetimes. These unreleased feelings/energies can be the foundations for painful behavioral patterns, physical or mental illness, poverty, etc. in future lifetimes. Only upon release of these suppressed feelings will the foundations for further such association be crumbled.


pertains to the present thought processes, activities, moral standards, form of government, cultural systems, etc., of a neighborhood, a city, a state, a country, or the entire planet. It is the manifestation of the Group Consciousness of the citizens of those societies and cultures based on the combination of each individual’s Akashic Records and present state of emotion.

Each individual builds his/her future lifestyles in accordance with their current attitude and moral standards.

Individual members of the societies are held responsible for the basic goals of the societies whether they approve of them or not, unless they actively do something to correct the activities of the society.

One incarnates into the country, culture and specific time period that is best suited for dealing with particular Karma, both as an individual and as a whole.

All evolution is cyclic and each individual contributes to any number of Group cycles by thought and action. If the country or culture is deserted in favor of another country or culture that appears to be an easier path, the individual must return to that situation in some future incarnation to complete the cycle.


requires that each Group Gathering work off and build new Karma for each person who participates in a particular gathering Again, each member of the Group is held responsible for the main goal of the Group or Organization, regardless of personal opinion, unless they actively do something to change the Group. (Note here: As I look around at all the groups that have been and are being formed, Group Karma is very much coming to the fore in today’s societies around the world.)


The rise and fall of civilizations are based on National Karma . The negative and positive decisions, thought processes, actions and non-actions by both the “rulers” and the populace. The last great civilization that was brought to its knees, through dealing with the karma it had created over the years, was the Roman Empire.

  • Through intense study by many historians they came to the conclusion that the Karma which destroyed the Roman Empire consisted of the following actions/non-actions and thought processes.
  • Everyone was eager to acquire expensive material things as a show of being informed and rich.
  • A very large gap between the haves and the have nots was allowed not only to exist but to expand as the years went by.
  • An obsession with sex in all areas of life.
  • The abandonment of the appreciation of aesthetic art being replaced by freakishness,
  • The development of the welfare system and the ever increasing desire of the people for the government to take care of them.

National Karma begins with the higher levels (as with the Ruler and the Senators of Rome) of those in control. That Karma, if unchecked, trickles down to the populace and if it is not or cannot be brought into a positive energy and corrected there, the Karmic Debt will be called in.


Animals function under the consciousness of mankind and are subject to humanity’s Karma. This makes the animals responsible for their rapport with people individually and with human evolution collectively. (see note #2 at bottom about the Animal Kingdom below)

Animals act from instinct and are incapable of making decisions so they do not have to work out past life experiences. They function from a Group Soul and are responsible to help the Group Soul evolve. Any reaction from instinct, good or bad, is absorbed into the Group soul and can be used by other animals in that Group for their present incarnation. In this way, learned instincts become strengthened and more keen to all members of the Group.



The Cerebrospinal Nervous System is a network of electrical wires covering all areas of the human body, governed by the brain, but under the direct control of the Mental Body.

  • It brings information from outer stimuli (via the five senses) and determines the degree of stress that should be carried throughout the Physical Body.
  • It is responsible for the differences in human organisms.
  • It evolved later than the Sympathetic Nervous System, but much faster
  • It is positive.masculine in polarity for the body.


The Sympathetic Nervous System is a network of electrical wires running through the Physical Body with its main transformer in the Solar Plexus.

  • It is influenced by the Soul-Mind.
  • It is in charge of instinct, automation, involuntary functions, and the “memory bank” of past incarnations.
  • It developed before the Cerebrospinal Nervous System and works in harmony with it.
  • It controls the fight-or-flight instinct and also activates the sweat glands to the degree the individual is excited or calm.
  • It is negative/feminine in polarity to the body.


The Animal Kingdom, designed and held together by the human mind, is a tool for lessons that one can learn in no other way. Animals feed human emotions through man’s dominion over them.

  • They have a primal instinct to look up to man as deities and adore them. They are his/her joyous companions.
  • They sacrifice themselves as food or workers in their desire to be of service to man.
  • However, man has abused the Animal Kingdom and they have become wild and ferocious.
  • Now, man must once again learn to respect them and their right to live.
  • The Animal Kingdom includes creatures that fly, swim, walk and crawl.


The Animal Group Soul is an energy field that contains an overall collected consciousness of each classification of animals.

  • This consciousness works through each animal, maintaining, sustaining and helping it advance through each incarnation.
  • The energy field absorbs the accumulated experiences from each animal that are then added to the overall collected consciousness.
  • When the energy field has perfected itself, each animal monad evolves to a higher animal species energy field and the overall collected consciousness in the new field repeats the cycles.
  • The energy field accounts for animal evolvement in general.