Joke Of The Day: Two Roommates And A Lottery Ticket

A man is sitting in the living room, watching a football match and drinking beer. Suddenly, the door fully opens and hits the wall. His roommate enters in the room. He is excited and he barely manages to catch his breath. He jumps on the couch next to his roommate. The other roommate looks at him nervously because he interrupted him and he did not see the last offense.

Without saying a single word, the second roommate takes the remote control and changes the program.

The increased nervousness of the first roommate drastically decreases when he sees the beautiful lottery presenter. After a few seconds staring at her, he asks the second roommate why he changed the channel. The second roommate gives him the lottery ticket and tells him that he has a feeling that this time he will win the lottery but he is usually unlucky and too nervous when he checks the numbers by himself. That’s why he asked him to look at the ticket while he is telling him the numbers.

The first roommate agrees and the lottery show starts.

“I just want to get enough money for an iPhone 4 or maybe 5,” says the second roommate.

The first number drawn is 24.

“Can you find 24?” – asks the roommate. “I don’t want to look!” – he covers his eyes with his hands.

“Yes” – replies the first roommate.

“The next number … 18, is there the number 18?” – asks the second roommate.

“Here it is… 18” – the first roommate replies. “And how many numbers should there be?” – asks the first roommate.

“Seven numbers,” – replies the second roommate. “Wait, stop asking questions… number 33,” – says the second roommate.

“Here it is” – says the first roommate.

The second roommate is overjoyed!

“The next number … 31, search for number 31, please.” – excitedly says the second roommate.

“Hmm, let’s see… Here it is 31.” – says the first roommate.

“Really?! You are joking!” – says the second roommate.

“I am not joking! Do you want to see?” – replies the first roommate.
“No, no. Carry on!” I think I will have enough money to go to Las Vegas! The Next number …  number 9.”  – the second roommate holds his head, visibly excited, eagerly waiting for the answer.

“Here it is.” – says the first roommate.

“I cannot believe! My hands are shaking; there is only one number left!” – shouts the second roommate.

“All right, take it easy, calm down.” – says the first roommate.

“How can I calm down? There is only one number left…and that iiiiiiis… 2! 2!” – shouts the second roommate.

“2.” – says the first.

“2!” – shouts the second.

“Yes, here it is. Number 2.” – says the first.

“Really?! Are you serious?” – excitedly asks the latter.

“Yes, but you have crossed this one out. Why did you cross it?” – the first roommate calmly asks.

The second roommate takes the lottery ticket out of his hands, realizes that he has guessed only one number and nervously shouts,” WHERE IS THE WHISKEY?!”