Intelligent people tend to be messy, stay awake longer, and swear more

Highly intelligent people sometimes have a tendency to have a different view of the world from the average IQ people. Unconventional thinking, approaching and acting to certain kind of situations is something that this shift includes. Scientists have discovered that the more intelligent the person is the less preoccupied with everyday things becomes. Everyday things include: tidiness, thinking about what they’re saying and going to bed on time.

They swear like troupers

Although they estimate when it is appropriate to swear and when it isn’t, they still swear like troupers. This is contrary to the consumption people use to make when someone is swearing, that they are not intelligent enough and that they lack appropriate language to distinguish themselves.

However, a study that has been made recently, shows that being able to generate swear is connected with fluency and high vocabulary rate, something that intelligent people have without any doubt. This totally abnegates the belief that low fluency is the cause of swearing.

They go to sleep late from an early age

Intelligent people are just not able to go to bed early, this is like written in their name. A recent research conducted on a great number of people in America, has discovered that the later someone goes to bed the higher their IQ is.
The research also showed that children who were considered gifted in the childhood grew up to be nocturnal, which is not the case with less intelligent children.
The results from the study are the following: children who possess IQ of 125 and more tend to go to bed around 00 30 on weeknights and those with intelligence of less than 75 usually go to bed around 23 30.

They can’t function without organized chaos

It has been proved that it’s typical for intelligent people to have messy desks and the level of their creativeness increases if you put them in some messy environment. The messy environment can also be related to unconventional attitude and thinking and the rare ability to construct new ideas, notions and beliefs about things that are usually taken for granted by average IQ people.

So next time you meet an intelligent person, feel free picture them staying up all night on their messy desks, swearing like troupers while transforming their creative ideas into reality.