Intelligent People Choose to Be Less Social – Here’s Why

Would you prefer staying at home more than being out with a lot of people that you hardly know? Do you hate the bustling city you live in and dream about living in a countryside cabin? Do you pretend you are not at home when someone rings your doorbell unexpectedly?

If you had a positive answer for all of these questions, we have excellent news! You are not anti-social. Actually, you are probably a genius.

An NCBI Study Discovered That Highly Intelligent People Have The Tendency To Be Close To Fewer People And Look For Social Interaction Less Frequently. What’s Even More Fascinating Is The Fact That They Feel More Satisfied With Their Life When They Live By This Strategy.

After a long research, these incredible psychologists also proved that people in general are happier when they live in less densely populated area. They also discovered that the level of happiness increases when most of our social interactions are with our loved ones in contrast with strangers, new friends or acquaintances.

As you would have thought, most of the people who participated in the study claimed that the more frequent social interactions they have, the happier they feel. However, one group of the participants claimed quite the contrary, and these were the highly intelligent people.

Actually, As Explained By The Researchers, “Individuals Who Are Considered To Be More Intelligent Are Less Satisfied With Their Life When They Have More Frequent Social Interactions.

Here’s how the psychologist Carol Graham explained this:

“The results from the studies imply that the most intelligent people tend to spend less of their time with other people and this is not surprising because most of them use their intelligence to focus on some other longer term objectives.”

Namely, that nerd from high school who preferred to stay at home and study on Friday night was in fact on to something.

The interpretation of the study was mainly based on the “Savannah Theory”. According to this theory, the things that made our ancestors happy are now the same things that make us happy. The population on the savannah is very low, and the interaction with other people would have been considered very important for survival.

However, now we can see that the development of the modern world has changed the way people function, and instead of interacting with people for survival, now they tend to prefer activities that promote individual success. In other words, people nowadays are concentrated on their own growth and their success is intellectually and economically based. We seek interaction less than our ancestors did, and the most intelligent human beings have stopped prioritizing it.

Thus, The Next Time You Decide To Stay Home Instead Of Going Out On Friday Night, Be Proud About It. Feel Clever Because You Are An Evolutionary Groundbreaker.