I Stopped Being ‘Too Nice’ Because I Was Tired Of Being Taken Advantage Of

I was one those naive people who constantly and sometimes without any reason apologized to the people around them. I helped the people around me even if I personally do not have absolutely any benefit from it. For example, I was able to offer transportation to my dear ones even though I would spend the entire gasoline I have. I kept saying that I would not just oppose friends, relatives or other close people. Many times I agreed with what my friends said despite the fact that I had the opposite opinion and disagreed with them because they spoke untruths.

But I no longer have the patience for the bad behavior that I have endured so far from the people around me, and therefore from now on, if someone gets superior to me, I will not be polite and will protect myself and my interests. I won`t use bad language on you but I will ignore you just as if you did not exist in my life and I will forget you, be sure of that. If you are not ready to appreciate my presence and do not accept me as a person with values, then there is no place for you in my life.

If you ask for a service from me, do not expect me to leave everything at the same moment and forget about my obligations just to help you and to please you. My psychic well-being is far more important than the needs of people around me who, after they get what they want from me, seem to disappear, and therefore I decided that I will no longer give my best just to make other people to like me more.

From now on I will continue to speak directly what I mean to everyone around me and I will not worry if that would mean the end of the friendship. If I think that some of my friends are in a bad relationship or simply do not match at all with a boy or a girl, then I will tell them in person.

I will not apologize for my personality, I will not apologize if I try to talk to you and you are constantly shamelessly looking at the phone and writing a message, and I certainly will not apologize if it insults you that I am honest and I say my opinion because it’s simply my characteristic feature and you’ll have to accept me as I am.

I will not waste time and money on people who do not appreciate my opinion, just to love me more and to say that I am a good person. I will no longer care if everyone around me is satisfied with me, but I will simply say what is my personal opinion and what is part of my soul and my existence. They used me enough because i am good-hearted, from now on I am the most important in my life and I will not allow anyone to humiliate me by being second in their life.

I realized that there is nothing wrong with putting my needs before the needs of other people and that I should be aware of how much I am worth and how much I have to offer to the world because I am a special person with a very good character and I will find someone who will know how to appreciate it.