Scientists Discover That Humans Have A ‘Magnetic 6th Sense’ To Detect Something We Can’t Even See

It is known as magnetoreception and is related to the capability of perceiving magnetic fields. Few animals use it to find the right way when they are passing long distances by connecting themselves with the magnetic field of the Earth. It is similar to a magnetic compass that enables them to use the information which is written on the magnetic fields. Some of the animals which possess this ability are: dolphins, turtles, spiny lobsters, migratory birds, honeybees etc. But, we don’t know much about that. How can they sense it or use it? What kind of information do they receive? These are the questions which still don’t have a concrete answer and leaves us to rely only on our speculation. However, we surely know that these magnetic fields have some other appropriation rather than the navigation used by some species.

Joe Kirschvink, a geophysicist at the California Institute of Technology who is studying the human magnetic sense, claims that it is connected with our evolutionary history and this sense may have been the primal sense in the past.

The results from the Kirschvink’s study showed that if we place a protein from the human retina into fruit flies, it becomes capable of detecting magnetic fields. The research confirms that it can be used as a magneto sensor, but it is still unknown if humans make use of it or not.

This makes us think that maybe we should reconsider the fact that the sixth sense actually exists. According to Steven Reppert, a researcher in the Medical School of Massachusetts, it is very important to know how the animals migrate. Maybe this protein is enabling this significant function that serves for sensing magnetic fields in humans.

The recent experiment made by Kirschvink, which included a rotating magnetic field that passed through the participants of the study, while he measured their brainwaves. It was discovered that there might be a certain magnetic sense in humans since some neurons reacted when the magnetic field rotated clockwise.

Yet there are still some questions that remain unanswered. For instance, can this neural activity serve as a firm evidence of a magnetic sense, or it could be something else? It can’t be proved that the information received by the brain was actually processed, although the brain responded to it. We still don’t know what kind of mechanisms are those inside of the body or brain that are able to receive those signals. If the body really possesses some magneto receptors, where are they placed? The next goal for the researchers is to answer this last question.

Kirschvink’s research on the magnetic fields and the influence they have on human beings is not the only one in this world. The leaders in this research fields are located at the HeartMath institute – nonprofit research and education organization which is worldly known for its dedication to offering help to people who want to reduce stress, control their emotions and increase their energy levels for happy and healthy lives.

Researchers at HeartMath have started with a new mission named The Global Coherence Initiative (GCI), which aims at stimulating the activation of the heart of humanity and helping in the change of human consciousness. First of all, their plan is to invite people to be part of it by enthusiastically adding more heart-coherent love, compassion and care into the planetary field. Secondly, they plan to make a scientific research which would be concentrated on the way all the people are energetically connected with each other and with the planet too, and they will try to find a way to make use of this interconnectivity in raising human’s personal vibration which would help us create a better world.

Here are the hypothesis of the scientists and researchers of this giant project:

  • The magnetic field of the Earth is consisted of biologically applicable information that joins all living beings.
  • Every human being has an effect on this worldwide information field.
  • Joined human consciousness has an effect on the worldwide information field. Thus, great number of people making heart-centered states of love, compassion and care will create a better environment that will help eliminate the present planetary conflict and incoherence.
  • Human beings are bond with the Earth’s magnetic systems.
  • The Earth possesses a few sources of magnetic fields that have a huge effect on us all. Geometric field and the field that is present between Earth and the ionosphere are just two of these fields. The entire planet is surrounded by these fields and their main task is to protect the planet and block all the dangerous effects of cosmic rays, sand, solar radiation etc. If these fields do not exist, there won’t be any ice on our planet. They belong to the Earth’s dynamic ecosystem.

Other Proofs That Humans Are Able To Sense All These Fields

Scientists know about these magnetic fields and it was also scientifically proven that they have a huge impact on human health and behavior.

Scientists have also discovered and proved the fact that some psychological rhythms and worldwide collective behaviors are synchronized with this geometric and solar activity and if a certain disruption appears on these fields, it will result in unfavorable effects on human health and behavior. Some of those effects include: insomnia, lack of energy, confusion etc.

On the other hand, when the fields of the Earth are stable and not disrupted by anything, people claim that their positive feelings have increased and they feel more creative and inspired too. This is probably because of the connection of the human nervous system, cardiovascular system and brain with the vibrating geometric frequencies.

The Earth and ionosphere produce frequencies that vary from 0.01 hertz – 300 hertz. This is exactly the same frequency range that happens inside our brain, nervous system and cardiovascular system. This information says a lot about the influence of the Sun’s and Earth’s magnetic fields. When these fields change, it affects our heart rhythm, brainwaves, memory and our overall health too.

Some of these extreme changes are connected with many of the greatest works of arts and also with some of the most tragic events in the history.

We are all aware of the effects from these fields, but are we able to influence back on these fields? That’s the most important question here. GCI researchers suppose that we do not just receive information from the Earth’s field resonance but we also send information back, just because the previously mentioned frequencies are related to each other. We receive and send information into the global field, thus creating an indestructible loop with the magnetic fields of the Earth.

It is believed that human feelings and perceptions cooperate together and exchange information with the geomagnetic field and this forms worldwide distributed information. It is also thought that this information is exchanged among people on a subconscious level, thus connecting all human beings. The magnetic fields operate as transporter waves for this information, which is able to have an impact on all living systems both in positive and in negative way.

For instance, if we take a look at the heart, it produces electromagnetic fields that alter in accordance with our emotions, and these can be detected and measured up a few feet away from the human body.

These fields are believed to affect us and the other people around us as well.

This new study on this particular topic, is definitely about to change the world. It will additionally prove and emphasize the huge level to which our emotions, intentions and attitudes matter, and that these aspects within the realm of non-material science can have an enormous effect on our life on this planet. Sharing love, gratefulness and appreciation as well as trying to be good as individuals, are part of the many fundamental action steps towards making the world a better place to live in.