From Empath to Healer; How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Pain and Start Healing It

Because all human beings are feeling an intuitive guidance and spiritual energy to some degree, it means that all human beings are constantly absorbing and emitting energetic vibrations. This means that everyone is able to behave empathically and everyone carries empathy within them. The good things about being an empathetic include: the ability to recognize if someone is acting genuinely or not and the ability to accurately recognize personal emotion.

Nevertheless, like almost everything else in life, there are also a few negative aspects of being empathetic. For example, empaths experience fear and anxiety when they are surrounded by too many people who are vibrating negative energy, and if there is a large group of people, there has to be someone who vibrates negative energy. But, there are certain ways that empaths can protect themselves or at least minimize the impacts of this negative energy of other human beings.

According to Barbara Marciniak, one of the most important things for protecting or minimizing the impact of negative emotions is confidence. She claims that changes begin the moment you start emitting your own energy, instead of absorbing the energies of other people around you. Empaths have to avoid absorbing the vibrations of people who are unhappy, no matter how hard it is, since these people emit stronger emotions than you and their words and actions are more forceful than the positivity of empaths. In particular, empaths have to learn how to control their energy in a better way than the individual with negative energy around them. In other words, they have to learn to be confident and believe in themselves that they are able to overcome external emotions.

What empaths need to do is imprint their own emotions instead of absorbing them. But, it is the same like healing a wound, it takes time and patience.
What is more, empathetic people must not respond or react with support or encouragement when they face up with negative emotions; as an alternative, they can genuinely offer understanding. The only road that leads to real peacefulness and happiness is the high road.

The only solution is to react and reply in a way that offers understanding and eliminate any kinds of negative feelings through actions, words or thoughts. At the beginning this may seem difficult, and in order to help yourself and make it easier, just breathe deeply and try to calm down. Also try to stay in the centered state, which will help you remain within your own energy field. It is true that when you start to heal and fully emit emotions, enables you to vibrate at high frequencies, the greatest benefit from this can be felt by the empaths.

It may seem difficult to implement this advice at first, sometimes you will fail and sometimes you will succeed, but we can only say that it is worth all the effort because the new reality will be less scary and exhausting. You can start living happily and peacefully only if you try to vibrate at high frequencies. If they manage to control the energy, empaths can become real healers, not only to their own souls but also to the souls of so many people around them.