How The Universe Is Sending You Signs And Why

The universe works in mysterious ways. The word ‘universe’ alone has so many different meanings, unique to everyone individually. For some people its god, others its the creative energy source, a higher intelligence. It’s whatever you see as the foundation behind the universe and how it works and how it is supporting you. We all have our own way of perceiving it, but its important to see the bigger picture and the greater good.

We all receive some form of divine guidance in our lives, it’s how we are nudged in certain directions or have moments of clarity when faced with an important decision. Everyone is intuitive and has the ability to communicate with their higher being, and how you choose to do it is up to you. The connection to your higher self can be developed through meditation, mindfulness, practise and being open to receiving guidance.

There are lots of ways you can recognise when the universe is trying to communicate with you. Mostly you will receive messages via your thoughts, feelings and instincts. Divine signs from the universe come into our lives when there is a need to pay attention to something.

Here are 4 ways to recognise signs from the universe:

Confirmation from the universe

If you are consciously pursuing something; putting all your belief, thought and intention into it, the universe will send you signs of confirmation that you are on the right path. Remember that this works with both positive and negative, as the universe does not know the difference. It merely sets out to manifest whatever it is you want. It can show up as synchronicities, people showing up at the right time, epiphanies, repetitive signs you start to notice as you continue on your path. All of these things are confirmation of the direction your already headed in, essentially acting as a mirror to yourself. When you start to see these signs show up in your life, you are able to attract to you what it is that you want by magnetising it. Everything just seems to feel ‘right’ and flow smoothly.

Signs received on a soul level

This is more subconscious than conscious. You aren’t actively thinking about it, so It’s almost like you’re being gravitated towards certain things you know make sense but don’t understand why. Your soul is guiding you into situations and relationships in order for you to stay aligned with your souls purpose. This doesn’t have anything to do with your personality or what you want, but more what you NEED. These show up when there is a lesson to be learned. If you need to become aware of something about yourself, you may attract another person in the form of a relationship, which may reflect back to you something about yourself. This is significant for soul growth.

When faced with a challenge

When you are suffering in some way either mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually you can have signals show up in your life that offer some sort of support. Reminders of all the good things in your life, and about yourself as a person. It can be a source of empowerment! There are many different ways this can happen, it can be songs that you hear and really ‘hear’ it, like the lyrics might really resonate with you and your current situation. It could be a stranger you meet who happens to have a conversation with you, but it sends a really powerful message as it is exactly what you needed to hear exactly when you needed to hear it!

Stopping you in your tracks

This happens when you are heading in a direction that doesn’t serve you or align you with your true path in life. You are out of touch with reality and you’re not connected with your higher self. Perhaps you aren’t looking after yourself, causing harm to your emotional or physical health. Maybe you are stuck in a rut, in some sort of limbo and you don;t know which way to turn. This could happen if you are in a long term relationship and really unhappy, but refuse to end it. Either you don’t realise you are in this circumstance that isn’t serving you a purpose, or you do but don’t have the courage to change direction.


Sometimes when life looks like it is negative, you just need a shift in your perception. Sometimes it is necessary for your life to break down in order to have a break through. It has to turn into complete chaos, for you to be redirected on your true path in life. All of these divine signs from the universe can be incredibly powerful, you just need to be open to receiving them. Even though you may sometimes be confused whether to listen to or accept these signs, as some might not be as obvious as others. If you just take a leap of faith it will increase your spiritual awareness and make you trust your intuition more. Don’t sit and wait for the universe to send you signals, that’s not how it works. The universe responds to your energy that you are putting out in to the universe through your intentions. The key is to stay present. Your soul and the universe only communicate with you when you are in the present moment. You will soon realise… you already know all of the answers!