Harsh Truths About An Over-thinker With A Sensitive Heart

Over-thinkers usually analyze and question every single thing, pay attention to every single detail and try to find the meaning of everything they see or hear. They never give themselves a break and they are often being too hard on themselves.

If you are one of those people, you probably take other people’s attitude too seriously and try to interpret every single word they are saying. If you also happen to possess a sensitive heart, then all this overthinking drives you up the wall, because you keep analyzing everything and in the same time you care too much about what other people think and you try not to sound insane to others.

Another bitter truth about sensitive over-thinkers is that they perceive the world in black and white. It’s impossible for them to be in the middle and settle for gray. They never possess ‘half feelings’. You can see them either happy or depressed; they either love or hate.

Sometimes people think that you are exaggerating, that you are too emotional, too analyzing, too nervous, too sentimental or too romantic. And this will make you feel miserable, but you have to know that your personality is one of the rarest in the world – that’s why most of the people can’t understand you and make you feel like you don’t belong.

Another common trait of the sensitive over-thinkers is that they make such an effort to be present in life, but they usually feel disconnected from their environment or the people they are surrounded with. That’s why they enjoy working alone or being isolated from their daily routines.

They need to be loved so badly, but they hate to put themselves out there much. Their hearts can be broken so easily, especially when they don’t receive the love and affection they were searching for. Then they completely isolate themselves from the whole world, because they need time to heal their wounds, even if it was something insignificant.

Even when they don’t talk, they still have millions questions inside their head – trying to find the meaning behind every single word; behind their heartbreak and suffering; behind their failures and successes. The questions and answers are like oxygen to them.

They are connected to the Universe in a strange way and their attitude towards the world often changes. There is a time when they feel so strong and powerful, and other times they feel as if they are too distant and that they don’t understand anything about the world anymore. Sometimes they even feel like it’s them against the Universe and that they haven’t got a clue how to win that endless fight.

Most of the over-thinkers with a sensitive heart suffer from insomnia. This is not surprising since the night is the source of their worst thoughts and fears that haunt them as soon as they lay on their bed. That’s the best period when they can question everything that they have said, done or heard throughout the day.

Despite all these traits that negatively affect the life of the sensitive over-thinkers, they still possess some of the best qualities that can rarely fit in only one single person.

These people are imaginative, artistic and unique. Their way of thinking is extraordinary, and even if most of the people don’t understand them, they are absolutely loved by the people who do. What is more, their emotional intelligence is much higher than that of the other people. That’s why all their friendships and romantic relationships are deep and sincere!

Who was the person you were thinking of all the time while you were reading the article?