We Only Fall in Love with 3 People in Our Lifetime—Each One for a Specific Reason

I think I am right when I say that everyone wants to fall in love. We’ve learned from the fairytales that we will meet the love of our life and we will know that he is the right person and we will spend the rest of our lives together. He will appear riding on a white horse and will save us from the horrors of our life, kissing our cheek and placing a ring on our finger. We’ve all heard those stories and as we’ve grown up we started searching for that brave knight. I guess the guys are probably waiting for those gorgeous princesses, too.

So is there really such a great love and a perfect match for you, like in the stories?

Actually, there are three of them!

I don’t mean that you meet and keep three people in your life and you live in polygamy. What I want to say is that, in your life you will encounter with three great loves that will serve three different purposes. In the end, in my opinion, the third person will give you everything that you deserve. Now, I will explain how it really works.

There are three great loves:

The first love, you can die for

The very first great love appears during your teens or early childhood. You will completely idealize this love and it will seem as if it’s perfect and strong. Lead by your immature emotions and young hormones you will believe that there will be no other love for you. You will want to be together all the time and your friends will be also supportive of this great love.

Many people will be envious about this love because it will seem as if it’s the perfect choice…like those from the fairytales. But time changes all. You are both growing up and suddenly realize that you are not meant for eachother. This love will make deep hurtful scars that quickly fade away. This extremely strong and intense love was meant only to show you what true love really feels like. But it’s time for you to move into deeper waters.

The love you need to fight for

The second deep love will be as if you are standing in the middle of a storm. This love usually lasts a little bit longer than the first one. Generally, you break up two-three times because you believe that you only need another try to make things work. Throughout the second love of your life, you can even have children or make crucial decisions for your career. All these changes will reflect your relationship and the pressure of life will have a negative effect on it.

In my personal opinion, the second love serves to teach you that there are ups and downs in any relationship. Very often, this love can be just a desire to be in a serious relationship after the first one has ended. We are going to fight for and give everything to make this relationship function again. However, most of the time, for some reason, this love doesn’t work and it leaves us with the deepest of scars.

The love you live for

Most of us never even think that they are going to find this love. It appears when we least expect it, sometimes even in the middle of our try to make the second love work (although it sounds strange, it happens so many times). The third love confronts everything that we’ve learned about love from the beginning of our first love to the moment we met our third. The best thing about this first love is that it comes easy, we feel totally relaxed and ourselves in this company.

Very often, we have a lot of things in common with the third love because we never even tried to meet them; they somehow appeared on the path while we are doing what we want. Unfortunately, the timing of the third love is usually very bad. Many people tend to sacrifice the third love in order to stay true to the second, they keep fighting for the relationship they already have and decide to stop “dreaming”. This is because when the third love appears, people usually see it as too good to be true. The fairytales which were forgotten a long time ago start to appear in your head again, but because you consider them to be just fairytales, you give up on them and concentrate on what you think is harsh reality.
However, sometimes you decide to follow your heart and dreams no matter how unreal they seem.

How do you know that the third love is the one that lasts forever?

There are few signs that show that the third love is the right for you. The third love will continue coming around. No matter how hard you try to get out from the magnetic feeling, your paths will keep crossing. The third love is not affected by time. If it’s real, they will feel it in the same intensity as you do. And it will simply feel right. You will experience such a calm and easy rapport; you just won’t be able to deny it. Now it’s up to you whether or not you are ready to make that shift.

If you make it to the third love, everything will become clear and you will know exactly why nothing ever worked before. You will know it’s real and it will feel like home.