9 Things Emotionally Manipulative Psychopaths Do and How to Avoid Them (If Your Man Is Doing These Things Run!)

Psychopaths cannot be easily detected, they are so sneaky and if you give them the chance they can be very abusive too. Speaking of emotionally abusive relationships, you need to know that no matter what relationship you are in, if it’s abusive you have to find the quickest way out.

Remember that people never change just because you want them to and some people simply are not able to see the mistakes they make with the way they behave. If you think that you are in love with a person who is treating you like crap and manipulating you, you are most certainly right. If he treated you with respect you would have never thought of that in the first place, right? If you feel like you are not worth enough, than there is something wrong with your relationship for sure.

Psychopaths are people diagnosed with mental illness known as psychopathy. It can be found in some of the most beautiful and charming people – that’s why it’s so difficult to spot. This disorder can come in different levels but it’s not something you want to play with. All the psychopaths are different, but there are some signs which are common for all of them.

If you think that you are close to a person who manipulates and abuses you, it’s very likely that he is an emotionally manipulative psychopath. These people only want to use you and they are simply not able to love or care for you. Don’t be afraid to leave them – that’s something you have to do as soon as possible.

9 Things Emotionally Manipulative Psychopaths Do and How to Avoid Them:

This person is moody most of the time.

They are nice and calm one minute and the next they turn into wild beasts. You do everything to avoid a fight because you know that they will never admit anything even when it’s obvious that you are right.

This person gaslights you.

They tell you that you are out of your mind all the time. Whenever you want to talk things through, this person makes you think that you are the bad person. They make you question the reality and they always play the victim.

He never tells the truth.

This person lies to you all the time and even if you prove that,  he will come up with another lie and will still deny it. You simply cannot win with him.

He thinks that you are to blame for EVERYTHING.

Even if you have nothing to do with something that happened to him, he still finds a way to throw the blame on you. He even blames you for the things HE does. He will never take responsibility of his own actions. That’s how it’s always been and that’s how it will always be… you can’t do anything to change this.

He does everything to make you feel bad about yourself.

He always looks down on you and no matter how successful you are – he will never be impressed. This person wants to prove you that you are never good enough. A partner that loves his woman gives his best to build her up not break her down.

This person wants you to stay away from the people who care about you.

This person has done everything to isolate you form the people who really love you and care about you. In this way he gains control over you because you have no one to turn to so that he can be sure that you won’t leave.

This person has no idea that he is hurting you.

This person has basically no feelings at all, so he has no idea how you really feel and how much he actually makes you suffer. He knows that you are in tears all the time and that it’s his fault, but he never feels bad about that.

This person is extremely selfish.

Everything that this person does is to benefit himself – he is the most self-oriented person you have ever met. If he doesn’t find you useful anymore he will kick you from his life without blinking an eye.

When you two met he was so kind but now he has totally changed.

At the beginning of the relationship he was your prince charming, but as you got closer he turned into a totally different person. He made you fall in love with him by pretending to be someone else, but now you are seeing his true colors.